Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am super tops

Ok, this is the second last day of the big love-in week. It's been a good week, but am having a flat day AND I am running out of old school superlatives. I was cold most of the day in my office at work (no jacket), it was so grey and miserable outside and there were all these little and annoying niggly points during the day. But it's mostly over, so let's sit and dwell on the positive. I did get a good nights sleep (despite 5:30am wake up time), ate an almost SHAMEFUL amount of chocolate and tomorrow is payday!

So. If people were to pick one point to compliment me on, it's usually my eyes. I don't mean to fall in the trap that I have noticed this week, that lovely people are writing lovely things about themselves but expressing it as "my husband says I have nice legs and people tell me that I have great hair, I guess". That's nice for those people who love and admire you, but there must be something that YOU like about YOURSELF. Even secretly? I am talking ownership of your good self. Being proud of it all and comfortable in your skin. That's the goal.

Anyway, my eyes are probably my best physical feature and I like them . The muppet has inherited the shape (we think, but we are hoping DrMr's colour as his are as blue as the deep sea) and that's not a bad thing. My eyes are big, expressive, grey-blue wtih dark lashes and nice. They are usually pretty revealing to how I am feeling and tend towards mre grey when I am tired, angry or in a bad mood and more blue when I am happy.

So be honest, what is your best physical feature today? No embarrassment or self-censoring necessary, give me the cold hard facts.


Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to say how much fun I've had reading your posts. You have a lovely blog and I found out things I knew nothing about until now ! Thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts.

Best wishes

Bee the Comics Widow said...

I live with an anxiety disorder so loving myself whole heart can be hard sometimes. BUT I will say that I like my curves. Being a girl is super. If I were in a burlesque show, I would spill seductively from my corset and be a total hottie!
Thanks for letting your fellow bloggers partake in such a splendid exercise. People need to do this more often!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

jeepers... its a bit hard this one but I would have to say I really like my hands and wrists I discovered this quite by accident- I was looking at a reflection one time at traffic lights and said to myself I wish my hands had long fingers and delicate wrists like those ones and I realised they were mine!!! I have loved them ever since. I do like my calves too... and my mouth.
there. phew. Did I pass? I feel a little slef conscious now...

lillipilli said...

You DO have beautiful eyes, Sally!