Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hey, it's Saturday and we are waiting for the muppet to wake up so we can go have brunch, which I think can now be officially classified as LUNCH. I wanted to thank you all for your comments regarding the last post on SELF ESTEEM and I LOVE that some of you are taking the time out to go, hell yes I am AWESOME. It's beautiful to see. Ahhh. So, to continue the whole I AM TOPS theme I was deliberating over what to choose next.

Today I choose BOLDNESS. I am RAD because I am bold. I am one of those people who put themselves out there. I am shy or have a lack of self confidence (there is a difference, am not sure which basket I fall in), but I will always stand up for myself, speak my mind and not put up with any nonsense. I will send a pizza back if I ordered a plate of pasta and I will question why I am paying $50 when the quote was only $35. I will cut my long hair super short, sell all my belongings and leave one place for another full of strangers. It's something that has been called alienating, but I would rather shout and be heard. I think boldness is a good thing.

What is making you RAD today?


Cath from chunkychooky said...

not only are you rad - you are friggin hilarious and you make me gaffaw at least once a week- at least!!!
I am bold and rad because I just had my third blind date with someone I had only spoken to on the phone and net and today we met in real life and she is fab!... and I am bold becuase I too have landed in a strange country , known no one and stayed for 2 years... and then I did it all again... for love!
have a great day Sally- Rad!!!! xx

Veronica Darling... said...


I'm RAD today for helping Husbie buy some new (vintage) tshirts and also RAD because I bought some really hilariously tall 80s black suede heels at the Op Shop, and am brave enough to wear them right now instead of just putting them on the shoe rack to admire. So I'm rad because I think I'm funny and helpful! (hee hee)

You're excellent Sally, keep it up! Hope your lunch was lovely!

ClaireBee said...

Boldness is an excellent trait to have, I can't say I have developed that one but it is something I admire in others. I also am shy and I'm not sure which of those baskets you mention I fall into either.

I think I will join in on this and I hope more people do to. I agree that more of our energy should be spent contemplating positive things.

Aussie-waffler said...

I covet boldness, because alas, I am only bold twenty-four hours after the event (which I believe, is not quite so bold. But today I am RAD because I made people laugh. I don't know if they laugh with me or at me, but either way, I don't mind, because I love making people laugh and I think that is good :)

Fiona said...

I am bold because I colour my hair in bright shades and apparently the purple makes people happy, so I am told. Also I have noticeable tattoos. In summertime anyway.

I am not bold in any other way and wish I was. :( Change scares the crap out of me.

However I will declare that I am awesome because my friends are super great and loyal, and I like them, therefore I must be rad in some ways to be liked by them.

Also I am occasionally funny but only every second day.

misskit said...

Boldness is awesome! I only have a smidge of bold in me and usually it needs enhancing with, ahem, gin.
I'm so loving Fiona's boldness too, its so easy to just blend in and you're saying screw that and standing out.
This is muchly inspiring Miss Sally and I'm devoting my blog to it for a while. Its an adventure, there may be boats!

Modest Mom said...

Made my way here via another blog and I've been rolling reading this. I'm a little under the weather and when I read this post I thought you said I chose "blondeness" and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what all this had to with hair maybe I'm a lot under the weather.

Think I'll drink a glass of wine and pop back tomorrow.

(I really love your weeks post about self love.)