Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love yourself sick

What? LATE? MOI? Shhh... do you think if I backdate this post to yesterday, no one will notice if I skipped the final day of the love-in? Which I just typed as Love-On, and I guess that fits too. Ruby (AKA Rubicon, AKA The Muppet AKA Muppachino AKA Muppella Tuppella) has ANOTHER cough/cold thing, which she has passed on to me AGAIN, so I did all the work I wanted to do yesterday and then just lay on the couch, read and felt a little sorry for myself. I used to have a KILLER immune system and never got sick, but this winter, we are all on our 5th colds or something? Argh. BABY GERMS ARE REVOLTING.

ANYWAY, ironically I am about to tell you about my final think that I like about myself. And despite my compromised immune system, it is my strength. Not physical, however carrying around 8-9 kilos for most of the day is a great workout for arm/upper back strength, but I am a very strong, determined person. I am proud of where I am and what I had to get through to get here. My strength makes me a supportive friend and partner, able to make difficult decisions and follow through on them and weather all kinds of storms.

Ok, that's it for now. I am not firing on all cylinders. Maybe not even on half a cylinder. I am all pppffft pfft pft petering out. But finally, what is something about yourself that you are proud of to finally cap off this wonderful week?

If I don't otherwise pull myself together to tell you - have a WONDERFUL weekend. Seriously. There is going to be sun and warmth about and I hope you get in the middle of it.


Veronica Darling... said...

She's going to be a tough cookie with a tougher immune system after a few winters! YAY!

My baby (dog) is now 10 kgs and it's so upsetting! I still cuddle her like a baby, but will have to do so sitting down from now on!


Just wanted to let you know how great you are (again) and that my random proud thing: My hair looks AWESOME today thanks to curls from the hairdressers that have dropped out a bit and look EXCELLENT!

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!

ClaireBee said...

I've really enjoyed your self esteem posts and the reactions from others too. I also really like that it has been quite uplifting to read about what other people like about themselves. Positivity is quite catching!