Monday, August 31, 2009


HEY, it would suck NOT TO BE ME this past week. To begin with, my SWAPAPALOOZA arrived, and you can't see how cute the box was hand decorated. I had the LOVELY sarasophia, and oh boy I was super lucky with my swap.

You absolutely KNOW that a box is going to be good when the contents are described as "CD + girly-like-knick-knacks.... priceless".

Beautifully wrapped, with wonderful little handmade touches everywhere. Sarasophia put in SO much work, I was overwhelmed and completely chuffed. She sewed these little button wrap things, which were purely decorative and wonderful that I am going to have to find somewhere to put them, because I can't bear not to.

Everything! The cutest headband (worn twice, looks awesome with Weasley-red hair), yellow button earrings (ditto, 2 wearings), paper crane is sitting on a shelf in Ruby's room and the drawstring bag has been deployed in my nappy bag. SO AWESOME. Lovely lady, thank you so much! I was overwhelmed and clapping my hands with glee! It was SO worth the wait! Hooray! Oh and the cd, also superawesome.

Ok, so I think that is swapapalooza drawing to a close this round, if you have any feedback, please do send it to me - good or bad, a few annoying things happened this time around, so I will have to rethink about setting some guidelines next time around. All feedback will be kept anonymous.

ALSO, in a belated birthday surprise (I turned 33 in the start of August), my besty friend Erin also sent me a box of splendors. There was also a scarf that didn't make it's way into the photograph.

Ok, this new week you are LUCKY TO BE YOU because yes Rubes was sick over the weekend AGAIN. AGAIN PEOPLE. A nasty cough and a snuffty nose. She is coming out of it, but I feel a bit feverish and so does DrMr.

AND tonight I have to give my presentation on selling online at the Craft Vic symposrium, which is SOLD OUT (with a massive waiting list). I am looking forward to it being over, so that low-grade level of anxiety that has been living in my belly for the past month will be GONE.


Bee the Comics Widow said...

Good luck with your talk! Wish I could be there to listen in but alas, stuck in cold, snowy Tas.

Angela said...

Goodluck tonight with your talk, if it's anywhere near as captivating as some of your posts, it will be super fabulous!

sarasophia said...

I am so very glad you liked your box--and just so you was my HUBBY who wrote the description of the what the package contained on the mailing slip. He came home and told me, OH so proud of himself:P

I know your presentation will be grand. They will all love you madly and try to steal you--Weasley hair and all.

On another note---I am still not loved up in a swappy you know if my swapping partner has mailed mine out?

Narelle said...


I got my swapapalooza parcel in the mail today.

Thanks again for organising it & all the best for your presentation. xxx

Lou said...

I'd love to be a part of the next swapapalooza. Please let me know when you have one! I would love any info on how i can sign up :-) cheers