Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Selling your work?

Just quickly, did you know that Craft Victoria's month long Craft Cubed festival is now up and running? There are a ton of exhibitions, professional development seminars and open studios to go see and get yourself all crafted up.

If you are interested in selling your work and haven't quite figured out your options / where to get started / what to do, there is a session on Craft to Consumer which is "an information session outlining the basics of selling your work at a market, through a retailer and online". Speaking will be Adam Ferrante who is the Project Director of Rose Street Artists Market, the lovely and ridiculously knowledgeable Bec Jobson who is the Retail and Sector Development Manager at Craft Victoria itself and finally the wonderfully neurotic and oversharer SALLY MORRIGAN from GEORGIE LOVE will be talking the online sales component. Details are as follows:

Date: Monday 31 August, 6-7.30pm
Venue: Craft Victoria library, 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Bookings: 03 9650 7775
Cost: $20 / $10 Craft Victoria Members

I have all the info on selling online already together from something I did a long time ago, am currently compiling it onto the WORLD'S FUNNIEST, MOST INFORMATIVE AND PROFESSIONAL POWERPOINT SLIDES. And by currently, I mean, putting it on my To Do list every day and then subsequently not doing it. I will get there, I always do.

Wondering if there is any way I can incorporate this into a slide.

I am wearing this pendant from Polli today. It's fairly lovely, yes? I don't usually wear much jewelery at all, but could not resist this. Yep, that's a cow jumping over the moon.

And finally, my current status: tired as usual, but very happy. Am putting something new on Georgie Love every day at the moment. I thought the WORLD'S BIGGEST UPDATE was nearly over, but just had a flood of new stuff through my door, so it's only half over.


Bec said...

i would LOVE to hear you this event i mean. i hear you speak all the time...wait, suddenly this comment is becoming more creepy, eek, i have to run away and hide now!

ClaireBee said...

oh wish I was in Melbourne so I could come along! I'm rather near to a kitty right now actually, maybe she is assessing the graph...
The pendant is just lovely too

CurlyPops said...

Tinniegirl and I are all booked in. Can't wait!

Cindy said...

How gorgeous is that necklace - I must have one I think. The owl and the pussycat was one of our wedding poems so that makes it even better.