Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Significant and small joy in myself

I just caught Ruby dancing! She has this phone toy that plays different songs and she put a song on and then stopped to listen, grin and WRIGGLE AND KICK on the floor in time. Cutest thing EVER. I was going to write today that her cute thing at the moment is that she finds people cleaning their teeth hysterical and I gave her a toothbrush of her own (she's 9 months and still has zero teeth) and she watches me intently, laughs and then mimics it the toothbrush, this way and that way in her mouth.

Anyway, ridiculously obsessed parent with their child moment OVER.

So. I am having a very good week so far. Things are good, I am happy and I am loving, LOVING all the positivity this week. LOVE. I feel good about myself, about life and it all. It's all sort of spilling over in other areas and I woke up at 2am last night and couldn't go back to sleep because I was thinking about everything. I was far more eloquent at 3am as in the waking world it's all slipped away somewhat. But I really have my fingers crossed that I and everyone who has visited here or written in their own blogs about all the good things about themselves will let that cross into the next week and the week after and will pop up again when they need it most. Or if you do forget, let me know and I will make a point to let you know how ridiculously awesome you are. You kick ass! GROUP HUG PEOPLE. Lordy, I am super-lame. Anyway...

Ok, so let me tell you straight what I am loving about myself today. And it's a big one. I have very small pleasures. I don't need the world to be happy. I am not sophisticated, cool, hip or complicated. Come over let's put daggy music on and dance. Want a cup of tea? Aren't these socks AWESOME? Look! It's a doggy on tv! And he is WAGGING HIS TAIL! I like small things. I like finding the fun and humour in every day normality. I am very happy in my life, which is basically wake up, feed Ruby, my breakfast, Ruby plays and I wrap orders that have come in over night, she naps, I have a shower, she wakes has breakfast, we go to the post office, come home, play together, go to the library or see a friend or have someone over, another nap, she wakes, we make dinner, DrMr comes home, we all eat, Ruby has a bath, goes to bed, I do some more work and then DrMr and I hang out together. That's mostly it for most of my week and it makes me very happy. It's not to say I don't want things, I want a new bathroom, a bigger house, a haircut etc. All those things people want and plan for, but in my day, small things make me happy. I love a cup of tea. I love opening a tiny packet of dried fruit, I love it when the clothes I want to wear are clean, I love it when Ruby gives me a gummy grin and laughs, I love lying down next to her when she has a nap. Finding half an hour when it's all quiet and I can read stupid and trashy books.

It's such a small thing, but it's significant. I REALLY like that about myself. I am not wanting for everything in the future, I have learnt to live in the now. And be happy. I spent a lot of my life in unhappy relationships, with unhappy people and negative friends and I am free of all that now. And it's a wonderful thing.

So tell me lovely , what small-big thing do you like about yourself today?


MelbourneVintage said...

oh lordy! she is the cutest child -it's ridiculous how cute she is!
I like something similar about myself - I'm also a goddess of small things (I'm also good at daggy literary references, woot!) and I am just happy in my little life. Trying to get even happier, trying to get less obsessive, trying to have less comparison syndrome. Since you mentioned you organise the shop yourself (wasn't sure if you employ magical elves), did you get my mail about the skirt of awesomeness? I will just order whatever size I think may fit. Cheerios all around. Huzzah!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

similar to you in this respect... I feel totally at ease with my life and I like that I want for so little... I don't want to win $50million in lotto, I don't really want or need anything else... I too like simple... a walk in the forest, nice food..cake...a good book... time to read my fave blogs... but mostly giggling with my little family....

Pip Lincolne said...

Oh that baby is precious. Such lovely lashes and such a sweet face! Well done you two.

Now - small-big thing.... Hm. I like it that I put Dettol in my bath. Unconventional small thing I know. And probably not the sweetest smelling or even the smartest thing... hardly Aesop or L'Occitane, even. But the thing is, my Mum always put a teeny slosh of Dettol in the bath when we were little and grubby : the smell of it is such a comfort to me at the end of a long day - it signals instant comfort and calm. It's a little thing, but it means big things to me. And I don't even care if it's weird. That's how big it is, that teeny slosh of Dettol - I just like it.

I also like your small-big thing. I think it's a big-big thing actually. AND thanks for showing us your adorable munchkin girl, Sally M!


Georgie Love said...

OH MV, I was certain I responded? I think I said it sits on the hips, and if the size wasn't correct, I have all sizes in stock at the moment, you are more than welcome to send back and I'll swap it without any drama!

AND they are indeed the skirts of awesomeness, I live in mine, I think this is my third day straight of wearing it!

MelbourneVintage said...

Wickedy wick wick - Thursday is payday and I shall order it then! Woohooo!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh, Ms Sally, you have a way with words! We're laughing, we're crying, we're enjoying all of life right along with you! And I thank you for that. I thank you for loving the simple things. Simple, small things are the big things, really.
I don't particularly like "elaborate." I like quite times with friends and family. Here are a few:
riding bikes
watching a movie
sharing a meal
photographing adventures with my daughter
hey, I just like spending time with my camera seeing the world from perhaps a different perspective.

Trove said...

Little-big things you say?


In the hopes of not sounding like I'm the queen of Awesome Land I will say this anyway. I often think about other people. Like, if they seem to be having a rough time, or are sick, or sad, or hard up, or in pain, then I will think about them, hope they find happiness, health, well-being, whatever they need. Kind of say a little prayer for them. Even if I don't know them from a bar of soap. Even if I only hear about them on TV, or through a friend.

This actually used to bring me a huge amount of anxiety when I was younger. I couldn't cope with all the sadness I was taking in from other people, and might explain why I'm pretty insular these days. But nonetheless, I'm so glad that I can really empathise with people. I feel more human and less hermit because of it.

Plus, I truly truly LOVE sweeping. Truly.

Erin said...

this is so wonderful in the fluffiest way possible. i'm still only sticking my toe into feeling good and allowing it to wash over me (you probably know this, knowing me as well as you do.) but i'm learning, and even that's satisfying in itself. i won't stroke your ego further telling you how INSPIRATIONAL you are in regards to cutting negative people and thoughts out of my life :) xo!

Mama Mogantosh said...

I don't have me own thoughs here - just wanted to aggree with you. I always thought that my thirties would be happier for me than my twenties and they are - so, so much. I feel like I've discovered the key to joy in therealisation that if you consciously CHOOSE to be positive - see the beauty, find the funny, let go of the stress - that life will improve so much. The decision to fight cynicism and negativity has been profound. I love the tiny happy details of life.

Like reading your blog! YOU make me happy.

Mama Mogantosh said...

And Pip-

I was reading a book on 50's dmoestic life yesterday and giggling at a photo of Mum bathing the kiddos - in a Dettol bath.

So retro of you!