Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I am without MOJO this week. It's been a rough week, mainly because the beautiful babe has decided on 5am starts, shortened her naps and has decided that nothing she USED to be interested in, interests her now. So it's a long day of finding new things to entertain her - lots of dancing, reading, walks, park trips (now that the weather allows again) and visits to people and weird things. I will let her play with just about anything (sharp, pointy objects excluded. Just.) if it entertains her for a minute. I don't mind how messy she gets - I never did though, I'd rather she play / explore / have a good time, everything can be washed, including babies. So sure Rubes, here is a packet of flour and when you get bored with that, you will find the cocoa and vegemite behind. Nothing else is getting done. So last night I put her in bed and said to DrMr, I am having an early, early night and was just dropping off to dream land when the crying started. We all eventually went to sleep after midnight. With another 5am start. I say to you UGH! And more importantly, this coffee is AWFUL.

Oh yeah, Rubes is getting teeth. Um... ALL OF THEM at once. Her molars seem to be coming though, there are white bits on the surface there and her canines are swollen and it's only JUST starting to feel rough around those first front milky teeth. She's doing it all completely backwards.

I have a TON of new toys and things for her, but they are packed away for her birthday and Christmas, neither of which is very far away. I know this is very normal and we will figure it out, but I thought maybe the LEGIONS of experienced MAMAS out there could share their favourite games / activities that they played with their ones and almost ones out there? I think I need some new ideas.

I always had plans to join the local Steiner playgroup (it's craftier than the normal one) when she was 12 months, but I think we might start earlier as she does love playing with other little dudes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bad Moodie

Dear Fitzroy,

I know, we were once good friends, but mate, you let me down. Frankly you can get stuffed with your inability to cope with parents with prams, the refusal to move slightly and eventual eye roll and sigh so I can enter the cafe with my well behaved child, who infact DID NOT distrupt your eating experience. Also get STUFFED with your dirty looks from other patrons and the harrumphs and death stares as people had to move slightly as we traversed down your narrow streets.

In friendly and polite land, where we live, we are welcomed in cafes. People in our favourite cafe say "Hello Ruby!" and bring over babycinos, watermelon and toast for us FREE OF CHARGE. So we go back. Often.

The honeymoon is over baby!

No love,

Dear patronising and rude eBay woman who left me my first negative feedback (in 530 transactions), despite the fact you were in error and despite your error, I refunded you the amount of the transaction back and let you keep the wrong item your husband asked for and collected...

Kindly get fricked.

No love,

The nerdiest thing I have ever done.

Future generation Mac user. My keyboard died (thanks, wine spill!) and Rubes LOVES to pretend to type on the real keyboard, so I cut off the cord for many minutes of baby typing entertainment.

Friday, September 25, 2009

completely random

My favourite terms that people have googled so far this month and found the Georgie Love blog:

1. Am I obsessed with my son (... if you have to ask!)
2. being hot doesn't necessarily make you a nice person
3. birds sing prettier than you

4. cotton monster pants face on the butt (!)
5. dr is flirting with me on facebook
6. good luck with your talk on something
7. how to talk to a cranky person
8. is my child possessed (...again, if you have to ask, probably, yes! Or just keep them off the food coloring and additives)
9. most creepy faces
10. nicknames people have received after drinking night

The Ruby Suns - There are Birds

Ok, the weather for the weekend will be, frankly, shit. So here is a song I like, that makes me think of long summer afternoons, relaxing and cheerier times. Hope you are warm, cosy and with that summery feeling inside wherever you are. Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray!

Our lovely friends Lyndsay and Kelly White from Made by White have just turned three! Congratulations loveliest of ladies! Yay!

If you spend over $30 in their online store, you get one of the above very sweet cake brooches to celebrate. $30 is nothing! Especially when you look at their new stuff, I myself am loving the hair pins.

We love Made by White!

I declare myself a non-winner today (read: failure)

Ok, it's like that month "September", we can almost consider that OVER, right peeps? And remember when I said, quite boldly that I uh, would do something in September - that was this. Well, two folks reminded me, one quite out right and the other when I realised google reader would let me subscribe to Livejournal blogs, so I went back and read through her posts when I was supposed to be working and found one talking about it enthusiastically. And I felt bad. Actually, her post made me feel good for a moment in an awww shucks, nice things kind of way, and then I went oh. Yeah, I was organising that, wasn't I... oh dear.

So September has been a month of sickness, busyness and all over an up and down roller coaster, so it hasn't happened... but WE LOVE LORT SMITH, so instead Georgie Love as an ongoing thing is pledging to support them with monthly donations, like where they just pop in and take the money from the bank and then leave again. I am filling in the forms on my desk NOW. I think it means we officially look after the costs of housing two animals a month? HOORAY! If you want to do it too, you can. And it's tax deductable.

Dang. Someother cuppiecake champagne extravaganza will have to be organised, I am serious, I like you very much, let's do it.

Georgie Love Stuff & Nonsense

A few little things. The super-dooper lovely Pearl & Elspeth winter skirts are on sale, to make room for their soon to arrive summer and spring stock (YAY!). Reduced from $90 to $60. I am wearing one at this very moment, am a big fan - mine is a soft flocked brown with a pocket that has DOGGIES on it. It was made for Georgie Love, but fell on my hips instead. Sadly, that happens sometimes. Sadly for you, much joy for me - it is awesome!

Also, what I think is the GREATEST PRESENT OF ALL TIME, the Map29 Custom purses. I want one with my house on one side and your house on the other. Inside I will keep the coins I need to get on the bus to get from Me to You.

Oh there is lots of new things, I love these tees from Frankie & Ray.

And sweet new cards from a a lovely lady named La Rara.

In the meantime, check out these shoes! I am DAZZLED. I am kind of a jeans and boots girl, so would have nothing and I literally mean NOTHING to wear with them, still a lady has to have dreams for shoes, right? Right.

Monday, September 21, 2009

But what if Sally REALLY does need help? Should I approve this on her behalf???

an email I received moments ago... I have a fairly generic email address, an early adopter of a big email provider, so I get a lot of odd stuff for other people - a Sally Marom in particular. And another Sally who appears to live in QLD and is in a Mother's Group there. They send me their tips, eh - some are ok. Random photos of children playing sport - not so much.

But what to do - what if Sally Motley really DOES have an embarrassing teeth staining problem and no one feels confident enough to tell her in person??????



Hello Sally Motley, You are seeing this email because a relative has suggested a teeth cleaning product for you. Since it's your first time with us, DazzleWhite is offering you a full sized Sample Kit today. Please verify that the information your loved one submitted is correct in order to receive your kit.

Sally Motley

5803 darby rd
Roanoke, VA, 24012-1209

Your kit awaits your approval. - Sally Claim Your Cleaning Kit Now

Sally, Your Personalized shipping coupon is : greatdazzle.

Act now - This special offer expires within 48 Hours


I hate spam.

And it's only 2:30

So far today on literally no sleep, 2 coffees and 600mls of Pepsi Max I have:

1. meal planned for 2.5 weeks
2. made an online supermarket shop for said meal plan
3. made DrMr's lunch
4. changed the bedsheets
5. done 3 loads of washing
6. wrapped packages for Georgie Love
7. gone to the post office, bank and bakery
8. made soup for dinner
9. washed dishes
10. vacummed one level
11. mopped three levels
12. looked after a 10.5 month old baby
13. weeded for an hour
14. cleaned the shower
15. photographed new items for Georgie Love

Obviously, I should never sleep again. I fear if I GO to sleep now, I shall never wake up. Or at least wake up so groggy and cranky that I will have no patience with the beautiful Miss Ruberry. Who is sick and snotty. Again. Let's move on.

Yesterday on 10 hours sleep, I spilt liquid (ok, it was wine) all over my keyboard and now it doesn't work (am on DrMr's machine), broke a vintage japanese ceramic napkin holder which was ridiculously cute and covered in mushrooms and fell down the stairs (sober!)

I have definitely been bit by a spring bug, I have plans to completely reorganise a room a week - go through drawers, through things out, refold, clean, tidy. Organise. I am on a mad organising /cleaning rampage. Like the house is CLEAN and I would be happy for people to COME OVER. This is UNUSUAL. I think it's partly motivated by spring, a few different events we are having at the house and the eventual plans to put the house on the market at the end of the year. Clean and uncluttered is a good thing. My head space responds well to it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Useless things I want PART TWO

Panda pan. No explanation necessary.

I love this song as much as I love the sun



I love many things, but one thing I DO love is bargains. I have had the same pair of glasses for a couple of years and because I got a fairly expensive frame/ anti glare etc it cost me like $800 or so (Funky Specs in Collingwood, great shop but pricey). I think I am avoiding getting my eyes retested because I don't have a spare $1000 lying around right now. But I DO have a spare $50.

It's always pissed me off how we pay a premium on EVERYTHING we buy in Australia, because of the distance we are from everything and because our market isn't as big as the US or Europe so to make money selling items to fewer customers, everything is more expensive. It's sad but if I am not buying locally or handmade (which is seriously a huge lot of things, where I can), I am searching out the biggest bargain I can find. I buy nearly everything on the internet - I am currently wearing internet shoes and jeans (Dorothy Perkins on sale), internet underwear ( - free shipping), an Australian made top bought in Healesville ($60) and handmade jewellery (3 seperate necklaces, 1 from Emma Grace, the other two are etsy purchases). And on my face - half of the make-up I am wearing is internet bought, because INCLUDING shipping costs, it is FAR cheaper to buy cosmetics online and have them sent over than down at Priceline/Myer/Salon.

Is it very green? No. I wish it was, but I make up for it by buying locally produced meat and vegetables and everything else I can. It's a trade-off.

SO, I didn't mean for this to become a great rant because I just wanted to tell you about the BARGAIN I found and I am so ridiculously pleased to share with you. Zenni Optical, you can get prescription glasses shipped to you for $9 US. Frames and lenses start from $8US (for a super bargain pair,) to the average of about $25US and tints/etc are a little extra. So yep, a new and reasonably funky pair of glasses for under $40US including shipping. Ridiculous! I have been reading reviews of the site which are mostly favourable (with the main complaint is that shipping can take longer than the 2 weeks quoted), but for the price you can't go wrong. I have been lokoing for a pair of green glasses for forever. I may try with the ones above.

Useless things I want PART ONE

USB Owl. Does nothing but look cute (ok, it blinks, turns it's head and sleeps, but they are cute), I don't even have enough USB ports to support it, stuff printing, I want OWLING.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


DrMr once took me to the Albury Show. It being my first time, and in a country town (for a city girl like me), I had high expectation of fat, juicy, rolly-polly animals, local produce and vintage rides. Instead it was 45 degrees, with no places of shade from the sun apart from a massive unairconditioned shed which was filled with the opportunity to purchase what seemed to be rejected items from the $2 shop. It was, frankly, awful and I was very disappointed. (in an off-topic moment, I was looking for pictures of the Albury show and I came across Youth Cattle Camps for "young cattle enthusists"... wtf?)

DrMr is a mostly country boy, living in Melbourne is one of his first times in the big smoke, although he is an old hand now after nearly 4 years. I have been insisting that I take him to the PROPER ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW every year, so he can see, in my eyes, what a show should be - the show I grew up with. We talked about going this year and takes Rubes so she can see the animals and all the lights and colour.

So since we've been together (3.5 years), every year I make plans to take him, look at what's on, choose a day, everything. And every year I think look at the $28 entrance fee per adult admission and I say Royal Melbourne Show, get stuffed (although, less polite and I kick something too). Nearly $60 spent before we take into consideration showbags (obligatory, I would get something super-fancy for DrMr), food, snacks, drinks, at least ONE ride (can you imagine the cuteness of Rubes on a merry-go-round?) which for a kids ride are $6-$8. Even if we were complete tightarses and took sandwiches and water from home (which am more than happy to do), it's not going to be a cheap day.

Or am I just a soulless tightarse? Could this be the problem? Imagine if we had more muppets? See those clowns above though? As shocked as I am.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Best way to spend a Sunny Monday

In the local park in the sunshine, feeling the grass between your fingers.

Kicking back and enjoying some sunshine.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Post Secret.

This one made me cry a little today, because I know one day I will have to say goodbye to my beloved Georgie. DrMr's father meanly reminds me all the time that George is a DOG and is going to DIE soon (he's only 7ish!). Yes, I KNOW, but that doesn't mean that I don't want it to happen and that I am acutely aware that I am going to lose a member of my family. And he is that. He is so very special.

Ruby, Quilty, Soupy Love.

I have some quilts coming on to Georgie Love very soon (ok, today if the muppet is agreeable), and I thought great! Wonderful opportunity to use Rubes to demonstrate how lovely they are.

Rubes has grown a lot since I last had her on the bed for a photo session. (note: the sheets were clean and fresh on that morning!)

She's far more mobile.

And easily distracted.

I took 114 photos.

Out of those 114, I can use one...

Maybe two.

Am very excited about seeing this movie as I very much like both the leads. I am not sure if it will be playing at our local drive-in (our usual movie option, with Rubes & Georgie asleep in the back), so I may have to snek off to the local on my own after it opens on Thursday.

Am going to cook this cream of broccoli soup for dinner. I like that it's not filled with cheese or cream - super healthy for the three of us. Perfect on a rainy day with some crusty bread. Nomnom.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I've noticed you around, will you go to bed with me?

Dearest DrMr. This bed costs £ 33000.00 GBP. I think we need it, because it's not just a bed. It's a REJUVENATION ENVIRONMENT. I need some goddamn rejuvenation since the teething child woke every two hours last night.

If the sweet eggy design is not enough to catch your interest, it also has an inbuilt colour wheel light to match your moods, an inbuilt ipod and an inbuilt massage system. The Lomme also features a unique light therapy alarm clock. After you have been lulled into a deep restful sleep by the gradual fading light of a simulated sunset, waken naturally as light from the virtual sunrise plays on your skin

Look! That could be us so very, very happy in our house-deposit bed. See how relaxed and loving we are? It's so worth it. If you could please have it installed by Christmas. I will take it instead of a pony.

Your faithful and doting significant other,

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I want a macbook (I have a G3) just so I can have this decal. The. Only. Reason.

Where I shop, talk, play games and languish

Ok, I guess I am back! Officially! Off the death bed and back in the office at least, trying to ignore a hacking cough and continued disinterest in doing anything vaguely "worky". It's piling up, so I do need to get cracking, but there is a ton of people to catch up with too, plus DID YOU SEE? It's going to be about 25 degrees on the weekend and I am actually having a hankering to get out in the garden and do stuff. DrMr and I are in the mind to sell our house later this year and buy a bigger one and there is a TON of work to be done. Rubes is at an age where she would enjoy sitting outside with me while I weed and plant, putting leaves, bugs, dirt and sticks in her mouth.

So, anyway. I haven't really done much to report about - I have mostly been lying on the couch when Rubes was in day care or with DrMr and weakly playing Animal Crossing. Do you have Animal Crossing? Want to come visit? A friend of mine, let's call her ERIN for the sake of this story, couldn't email me for a few days because she was so pissed off that an animal (let's call her a piggy named GALA) moved away from her town and into mine. Also I spent hours on the laptop buying presents for Rubes for her FIRST birthday and SECOND Christmas, which is mostly a handmade toy bonanza, which I am very excited about it all arriving - Rubes as per usual will be more interested in the crinkly paper (crinklecrinklecrinkle), ripping it up and trying to put tiny pieces in her mouth as mama wrestles them away from her. Insert tantrum here.

I was telling DrMr that I wanted to buy Rubes these little felted egg people, to his underwhelment (it's a new take on an old word, roll with it).

But then I showed them the pics and he loved them too. I have wanted them for her for ages, but I think she'll finally appreciate them now. Or start to anyway. I can just imagine how good they will feel in little hands.

Pea Pod people!
Too cute! I also got these little mice from the same maker.

She's too little now, but I got some great pieces (a whole house worth) for the vintage quirky doll house we found her, but I can put them away, and I have started buying art supplies, not completely fancy-pants stuff, but good quality stuff that will last and won't be toxic if she eats it. I am putting it all together in a crafty box, so that we have a good collection when she is ready to put tool to paper.

So lots of plans, but not much action. Also planning a first birthday party. DrMr and I don't entertain much, so it's a Big. Deal. and when I entertain, I like to go OVERBOARD. I need to start thinking and planning and it's 2 months away.

Also finally, the Craft Vic talk went well - so well that they are planning on presenting forums on selling your work twice yearly and have asked if I will be involved in them. I haven't said yes yet, but I think I will. I have it all prepared, so there is not a lot of work to do. DrMr is encouraging me, but I was saying to him last night I was already starting to feel a pit of anxiety in my belly at the thought. Ack. I THINK my presentation was well received, despite the onset of illness and my rush-ramble manner of speech. If you were there (HI LOVELY CLAIRE IN PARTICULAR!) and have any feedback, I would love to hear it. And this is not stroke my ego feedback - did you get something out of it? Was it useful? Do you think I could have added something more or did I omit something important? Anyway, if you missed out (it sold out completely with a waiting list of 30+ people!), there will be another opportunity.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just briefly, am recovering from borderline pneumonia. Nice. Have no energy for anything at the moment, other than snarkiness and Ruby cuddles. It's ridiculous how sick we have been since she started daycare, I get EMBARRASSED admitting, yes, yes we are all sick AGAIN, obviously there is something wrong with us. We don't have a chance to get over one thing before she brings home another. Ugh.


I was just loading photos from the camera to the mac and then the mac froze in the middle and now it has eaten half my photos - mostly Georgie Love pics I have to reshoot (DAMN) and pics and videos of Rubes being naughty. Because she has decided that 10 months old is not too young for tantrums.

Who me? See? I help my Mama WORK.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

cough cough cough wheeze ouch

Chest infection. Lungs on fire (I wonder what I can find on google images to illustrate that), feeling like poops. DrMr took Rubes to daycare, I am home from work and languishing. Fingers crossed I can get into the doctor for antibiotics. No work done today.