Monday, September 21, 2009

And it's only 2:30

So far today on literally no sleep, 2 coffees and 600mls of Pepsi Max I have:

1. meal planned for 2.5 weeks
2. made an online supermarket shop for said meal plan
3. made DrMr's lunch
4. changed the bedsheets
5. done 3 loads of washing
6. wrapped packages for Georgie Love
7. gone to the post office, bank and bakery
8. made soup for dinner
9. washed dishes
10. vacummed one level
11. mopped three levels
12. looked after a 10.5 month old baby
13. weeded for an hour
14. cleaned the shower
15. photographed new items for Georgie Love

Obviously, I should never sleep again. I fear if I GO to sleep now, I shall never wake up. Or at least wake up so groggy and cranky that I will have no patience with the beautiful Miss Ruberry. Who is sick and snotty. Again. Let's move on.

Yesterday on 10 hours sleep, I spilt liquid (ok, it was wine) all over my keyboard and now it doesn't work (am on DrMr's machine), broke a vintage japanese ceramic napkin holder which was ridiculously cute and covered in mushrooms and fell down the stairs (sober!)

I have definitely been bit by a spring bug, I have plans to completely reorganise a room a week - go through drawers, through things out, refold, clean, tidy. Organise. I am on a mad organising /cleaning rampage. Like the house is CLEAN and I would be happy for people to COME OVER. This is UNUSUAL. I think it's partly motivated by spring, a few different events we are having at the house and the eventual plans to put the house on the market at the end of the year. Clean and uncluttered is a good thing. My head space responds well to it.


Leonie said...

Amazing what you can get done some days! Well done!

Gina said...

Yeeesh. Literally no sleep? I thought I had it bad with only 3 hours under my belt. Your productivity is astounding... sometimes you just gotta keep going or it's too horrible to contemplate I reckon!

Mon Alisa Design said...

you ARE Supermum!

I hope your little one gets well soon. I have two little girls who are crook at the moment and it's not easy x

Veronica Darling... said...

My husband and I are just marvelling at your day!


Splendid Little Stars said...

Yes, clearly you should never sleep! AND you should drink lots of caffeine-y things.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Seriously impressivo. I always find those high-energy days are followed by one of the other type - the can't-move-feet-floppy kind. Like a recovery day. But I love it when I get that random burst. It makes me think how nicely my surroundings could be if I lived like that all the time...but then I remember that those people who live in an uncluttered, shiny house ready for visitors usually come to a bad end.

Don't they?

stephanie said...

Wow Sally!! Sounds like your nesting... can you come over and nest for me, my nesting hasn't kicked in yet. Only 8.5 weeks to go :) Yeee!!