Friday, September 25, 2009

completely random

My favourite terms that people have googled so far this month and found the Georgie Love blog:

1. Am I obsessed with my son (... if you have to ask!)
2. being hot doesn't necessarily make you a nice person
3. birds sing prettier than you

4. cotton monster pants face on the butt (!)
5. dr is flirting with me on facebook
6. good luck with your talk on something
7. how to talk to a cranky person
8. is my child possessed (...again, if you have to ask, probably, yes! Or just keep them off the food coloring and additives)
9. most creepy faces
10. nicknames people have received after drinking night


Selina said...

oh I love this!! the one I got that has kept me amused was "vintage knickers"??! I have no idea how that lead them to me but it was pretty fricken hilarious! love the "is my child possessed" !!!