Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Georgie Love Stuff & Nonsense

A few little things. The super-dooper lovely Pearl & Elspeth winter skirts are on sale, to make room for their soon to arrive summer and spring stock (YAY!). Reduced from $90 to $60. I am wearing one at this very moment, am a big fan - mine is a soft flocked brown with a pocket that has DOGGIES on it. It was made for Georgie Love, but fell on my hips instead. Sadly, that happens sometimes. Sadly for you, much joy for me - it is awesome!

Also, what I think is the GREATEST PRESENT OF ALL TIME, the Map29 Custom purses. I want one with my house on one side and your house on the other. Inside I will keep the coins I need to get on the bus to get from Me to You.

Oh there is lots of new things, I love these tees from Frankie & Ray.

And sweet new cards from a a lovely lady named La Rara.

In the meantime, check out these shoes! I am DAZZLED. I am kind of a jeans and boots girl, so would have nothing and I literally mean NOTHING to wear with them, still a lady has to have dreams for shoes, right? Right.