Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I declare myself a non-winner today (read: failure)

Ok, it's like that month "September", we can almost consider that OVER, right peeps? And remember when I said, quite boldly that I uh, would do something in September - that was this. Well, two folks reminded me, one quite out right and the other when I realised google reader would let me subscribe to Livejournal blogs, so I went back and read through her posts when I was supposed to be working and found one talking about it enthusiastically. And I felt bad. Actually, her post made me feel good for a moment in an awww shucks, nice things kind of way, and then I went oh. Yeah, I was organising that, wasn't I... oh dear.

So September has been a month of sickness, busyness and all over an up and down roller coaster, so it hasn't happened... but WE LOVE LORT SMITH, so instead Georgie Love as an ongoing thing is pledging to support them with monthly donations, like where they just pop in and take the money from the bank and then leave again. I am filling in the forms on my desk NOW. I think it means we officially look after the costs of housing two animals a month? HOORAY! If you want to do it too, you can. And it's tax deductable.

Dang. Someother cuppiecake champagne extravaganza will have to be organised, I am serious, I like you very much, let's do it.


Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

fine I will admit it I am a bit pushy. a little tiny bit maybe. that sounds like a good solution and cake and champage sounds supertopsawesome. can't there be a georgielove/tupperware/dog cuddling event? Tupperware and dogs AND cute necklaces... eeeek