Wednesday, September 16, 2009


DrMr once took me to the Albury Show. It being my first time, and in a country town (for a city girl like me), I had high expectation of fat, juicy, rolly-polly animals, local produce and vintage rides. Instead it was 45 degrees, with no places of shade from the sun apart from a massive unairconditioned shed which was filled with the opportunity to purchase what seemed to be rejected items from the $2 shop. It was, frankly, awful and I was very disappointed. (in an off-topic moment, I was looking for pictures of the Albury show and I came across Youth Cattle Camps for "young cattle enthusists"... wtf?)

DrMr is a mostly country boy, living in Melbourne is one of his first times in the big smoke, although he is an old hand now after nearly 4 years. I have been insisting that I take him to the PROPER ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW every year, so he can see, in my eyes, what a show should be - the show I grew up with. We talked about going this year and takes Rubes so she can see the animals and all the lights and colour.

So since we've been together (3.5 years), every year I make plans to take him, look at what's on, choose a day, everything. And every year I think look at the $28 entrance fee per adult admission and I say Royal Melbourne Show, get stuffed (although, less polite and I kick something too). Nearly $60 spent before we take into consideration showbags (obligatory, I would get something super-fancy for DrMr), food, snacks, drinks, at least ONE ride (can you imagine the cuteness of Rubes on a merry-go-round?) which for a kids ride are $6-$8. Even if we were complete tightarses and took sandwiches and water from home (which am more than happy to do), it's not going to be a cheap day.

Or am I just a soulless tightarse? Could this be the problem? Imagine if we had more muppets? See those clowns above though? As shocked as I am.


Cath from chunkychooky said...

You are are not a tight arse at all. so much of the stuff-you-should-take-your-kid-to costs a small fortune and is quite often a bit boring for the parents. but the photos will be priceless- yes rubes on a merry go round- cuuute
We took Busy to Sheep World becuase we couldn't stop laughing at the name 9 well I couldn't chef is a kiwi and idin't think it was THAT funny- it was PAINFUL but the snaps of Busy feeding lambs- PRICELESS!!!

Lissy said...

No your not a tightass, i think nearly all melbournians bulk at the price! Especially us who grew up with the melbourne show (back in the day when a $5 showbag actually more than $5 worth of stuff in it!). Maybe make it a once off thing, once for DrMrs benefit and one for Rubes' (when she's a little older and can remember it!). I might go this weekend and all i have to say is my $8 ride better be really good!!