Friday, September 11, 2009

I've noticed you around, will you go to bed with me?

Dearest DrMr. This bed costs £ 33000.00 GBP. I think we need it, because it's not just a bed. It's a REJUVENATION ENVIRONMENT. I need some goddamn rejuvenation since the teething child woke every two hours last night.

If the sweet eggy design is not enough to catch your interest, it also has an inbuilt colour wheel light to match your moods, an inbuilt ipod and an inbuilt massage system. The Lomme also features a unique light therapy alarm clock. After you have been lulled into a deep restful sleep by the gradual fading light of a simulated sunset, waken naturally as light from the virtual sunrise plays on your skin

Look! That could be us so very, very happy in our house-deposit bed. See how relaxed and loving we are? It's so worth it. If you could please have it installed by Christmas. I will take it instead of a pony.

Your faithful and doting significant other,


Fiona said...

Within the shell of Lomme there is a special system which blocks harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation. A specially designed sleep button isolates all electricity away from the bed.

But...but then how do I use my iPod?

I'm only partially mocking it. I am also in dire need of this bed. The pictures make it look like you can just take it with you on picnics or holidays by glorious waterfalls. And pictures never lie, right?

Cath from chunkychooky said...

a perfectly reasonable request me thinks.

m i s s b é b a said...

hahaha.. what about the special egg shaped doona + sheets you're gonna need to fit this baby! mention of that extra cost is there?! bastards. hope you're on the mend now Sal X

Narelle said...

At only £33000.00 GBP I'd get one each, imagine how rejuvenated you'd be then!

Unfortunately the unique light therapy alarm clock would be useless on me, I need more of a sledgehammer to the head kind of alarm.

Anonymous said...

um so where do i sign up for one of these special beds that pretty much sleep for me, eat for me, and walk the dogs for me!?! they sound great.

Aussie-waffler said...

Surely DrMr could not refuse.