Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Where I shop, talk, play games and languish

Ok, I guess I am back! Officially! Off the death bed and back in the office at least, trying to ignore a hacking cough and continued disinterest in doing anything vaguely "worky". It's piling up, so I do need to get cracking, but there is a ton of people to catch up with too, plus DID YOU SEE? It's going to be about 25 degrees on the weekend and I am actually having a hankering to get out in the garden and do stuff. DrMr and I are in the mind to sell our house later this year and buy a bigger one and there is a TON of work to be done. Rubes is at an age where she would enjoy sitting outside with me while I weed and plant, putting leaves, bugs, dirt and sticks in her mouth.

So, anyway. I haven't really done much to report about - I have mostly been lying on the couch when Rubes was in day care or with DrMr and weakly playing Animal Crossing. Do you have Animal Crossing? Want to come visit? A friend of mine, let's call her ERIN for the sake of this story, couldn't email me for a few days because she was so pissed off that an animal (let's call her a piggy named GALA) moved away from her town and into mine. Also I spent hours on the laptop buying presents for Rubes for her FIRST birthday and SECOND Christmas, which is mostly a handmade toy bonanza, which I am very excited about it all arriving - Rubes as per usual will be more interested in the crinkly paper (crinklecrinklecrinkle), ripping it up and trying to put tiny pieces in her mouth as mama wrestles them away from her. Insert tantrum here.

I was telling DrMr that I wanted to buy Rubes these little felted egg people, to his underwhelment (it's a new take on an old word, roll with it).

But then I showed them the pics and he loved them too. I have wanted them for her for ages, but I think she'll finally appreciate them now. Or start to anyway. I can just imagine how good they will feel in little hands.

Pea Pod people!
Too cute! I also got these little mice from the same maker.

She's too little now, but I got some great pieces (a whole house worth) for the vintage quirky doll house we found her, but I can put them away, and I have started buying art supplies, not completely fancy-pants stuff, but good quality stuff that will last and won't be toxic if she eats it. I am putting it all together in a crafty box, so that we have a good collection when she is ready to put tool to paper.

So lots of plans, but not much action. Also planning a first birthday party. DrMr and I don't entertain much, so it's a Big. Deal. and when I entertain, I like to go OVERBOARD. I need to start thinking and planning and it's 2 months away.

Also finally, the Craft Vic talk went well - so well that they are planning on presenting forums on selling your work twice yearly and have asked if I will be involved in them. I haven't said yes yet, but I think I will. I have it all prepared, so there is not a lot of work to do. DrMr is encouraging me, but I was saying to him last night I was already starting to feel a pit of anxiety in my belly at the thought. Ack. I THINK my presentation was well received, despite the onset of illness and my rush-ramble manner of speech. If you were there (HI LOVELY CLAIRE IN PARTICULAR!) and have any feedback, I would love to hear it. And this is not stroke my ego feedback - did you get something out of it? Was it useful? Do you think I could have added something more or did I omit something important? Anyway, if you missed out (it sold out completely with a waiting list of 30+ people!), there will be another opportunity.


Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

and i was entertaining thoughts of accidentally destroying Mister MV's Wii - that game looks brilliant, I need it, I need it now! if/when you do the clothes swap/animal rescue/wine drinking event, i will quiz you about buying and selling out in the hillibillies area - I'm seriously considering it, but very nervous about it. Welcome back!

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

Downscaling sounds like a good idea - as long as we can raise some cash, and there is some dog to pat!
More concerned about isolation than fires, but now also concerned about fires! Didn't even think of that! Immigrant fail! But I do love it there so I think we'll do it eventually. Will quiz you with notepad and pencil.

Bee the Comics Widow said...

OMG. Animal Crossing is so addictive. We got it for the Game Cube and now have it for the DS. Don't have it for the Wii yet. We were absolutely obsessed when we first got it though. All the fish and bug business had us staring at the monitor until the wee hours :P

Erin said...

you exaggerate. i didn't email for ONE day at the most. allow me a pout! gala is the best pig-friend, don't you think?

we have an entire flourishing grove of pear trees, by the way :) AND you need to open your connection and check your mailbox, because i have sent you a couple of letters...

this is the lamest comment i've ever left you :(

so ANGRY i can't attend rubes' first bday! am compiling an auntie-package instead. let me know if you want anything in particular for the little muppet. xoxox

Claire Gresty said...

Hi Sally! Was so lovely to meet and chat to you at the Craft Vic talk! and also thanks so much for mentioning me in your blog... at least I'm hoping it was me!!

Your talk was great - I really feel a good understanding of the online marketplace is absolutely essential and hearing it from someone who is doing it so amazingly well and innovatively is very inspiring. You have also inspired me to start my own blog too. Its not up yet though.. but I'll let you know as soon as it is. Very soon I hope!

Hope you and the fam are feeling better - sounds like you have been under the weather for an age.

ps I love the felt egg people! I have a new niece due to arrive in November - maybe I can justify buying them for her and squirelling them away for a while....

Claire xxx

sarasophia said...

Mmm-kay so, owning the little felt egg people IS completely non-negotiable in our house as well.

Had to share them on my site as well-with a link to your page of course<3