Monday, October 05, 2009


We had a lovely weekend with DrMr's family in Albury. Will write more tomorrow (am tired), but briefly:

It was wonderful to see new growth everywhere after the bush fires. It was odd and eerie to drive through - these tall, tall trees that were blackened from the root to the tip and imagining how high the fire would have been and also how there was devastation in one pocket and not 5 metres behind was untouched. It was moving.

Rubes pretty much had this expression all weekend, she had a WONDERFUL time and slept 12+ hours solidly every night, didn't complain at all in a entire weekend of 13 hours driving, was easy to feed, ridiculously happy and charmed the socks off of everyone.

She's just started doing new things - this crazy new version of pretend talking (mostly to the newly favoured Remington Bear) and pointing to things "At At"... which I am assuming is "that, that" as it's pointing for stuff she wants. Which in this photo is her mama behind the camera as she was upset and a bit teary as a tiny little miniature something named Brutus licked her on the face. Rubes is like me - big dogs are awesome and small dogs are not to be trusted.

Have a million things to catch up with for Georgie Love, but I will get there. It's weird, we were there from Friday - Monday, but we both feel like we had a week off. Probably because the only other option was watching rereuns of NCIS and Midsomer Murders* with his parents, so we went to be at 7:30 or 8:30 most nights. Brilliant.

(* Sally Morrigan does not watch cop/crime shows. With the exception of 24, which was not necessary cop or crime shows, it was political and Kiefer Sutherlandy in it's nature.)


Linda said...

Was this on the Alexandra road? I can tell by the treeferns I think.