Monday, October 26, 2009

Chaos. In a not very interesting portrait.

Ok, so I have missed nearly a week of Blogtober, which is not just negelectful, it's BAD. Have had a very frustrating week from my day job and I try not to get worked up about a place I am only at 2 days a week, but some how the grumpiness has creeped out and tainted the rest of the week. I will get there. Just don't expect chirpiness on Wednesdays and Fridays at the moment.

Rubes has a temperature and is not keeping her bottles down. She is otherwise in good enough spirits and sipping water ok. Am about to try some cereal for her and see how she goes, but it's her first proper temp so I am a little antsy.

Anyway, I took these photos days ago, to play along with Pip and Lexi.

My favourite corner. DrMr is fortunately very patient with me and just lets me go crazy witht eh decorating, which is a mish-mash of no styles and just whatever makes me happy. This is the corner going from the second story up to the third. The giant and WONDERFUL wolfy decal was meant for a door, but it was a little too big (my fault Lyndsay!), so DrMr and I made the executive and wine inspired decision that the wolfy would be running down the stairs. The tree is also a Made by White creation, with various prints and paintings, a blink clock, paper birdy (I am obsessed with paper things) and wooden mushrooms. Oh and see that BAG hanging on the end, made from wonderful Momo fabric? I MADE THAT. It's our library book bag. Unfortunately under the stairs a collection of boxes is also visible.

My favourite shelf - harder, since the shelves are mostly crammed with books, papers, toys and baby related paraphernalia. This is the shelf behind my Georgie Love desk, it's at the top of the stairs going down into the first level (kitchen), so you sort of walk past them and down. It's a mess of dvds, prints that I haven't got around to framing yet, Frankie calendar (love!) which as I have an electronic diary, I never write on, magic 8 ball, birthday crowns DrMr bought for my birthday in AUGUST (yep, haven't got around to putting them away yet), a photo of Rubes with DrMr's best friend and his daughter, um some Georgie paintings that made their way onto postcards, candles as we lost power like 5-6 times in Winter, a chalkboard to do decal (again Made by White which is usually a mess of post it notes rather than chalky notes and was obviously taken on a day when I was ORGANISED, are you sensing a theme? I love those ladies). And finally there is a pile of zines, recipes and invitations that I need to respond to in a pile.

MOST LIKELY my favourite shelf is in the fridge! I am a foodie, so I get an enormous sense of well being when I open the fridge and it is filled with a million different good things to eat and make.

Bedside table. Which I didn't touch before photographing it and I probably should have, in viewing some of the lovely, tidy ones I have seen. Next to WORLD'S BEST DOONA COVER. Um, books, books, books two seperate book lights for late night reading (the green proper one died, so I am using an IKEA nightlight for under the covers. Tissues, bottled water, ventolin and lip balm (Burts Bees for me). A lemongrass smelling candle they gave me for free when I bought the bedside tables, which has obviously never been lit. And another pile of books.

View from the door. Wherever DrMr and I are, I always have to have the side of the bed closest to the door - I don't care about left or right sides, I care about QUICK EXITS. And more paper goodness. I am obsessed with paper garlands. OBSESSED. Our house is not super-fancy, but it's COSY. The bedrooms are on the third level and so have a sloping roof and the 70s swedish bath house wooden wall decor. Lovely.


CurlyPops said...

I love getting a glimpse inside someone elses home - it must be the inner voyeur!
I wimped out of showing what's actually on my bedside table - there are some things that I just can't share with the www.

Georgie Love said...

Oh I am the same, I LOVe seeing in people's houses, it's both satisfying AND inspirational. Plus it's nice how to see how people live, although I am pretty sure that half the ones I see aren't that neat - right? Cause I am certainly not.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Your house looks lovely and homey and cozy and warm! That organized fridge is a site to behold! belongs in a magazine! The woolfy running down the stairs is perfect! proves that wine can be a good thing!

Leonie said...

Loving the wolf!

Poor Rubes...the milk will probably rebound until the temp comes down, bland food is good and jelly or icy poles (helps to cool internal temps too) are a more interesting way of getting fluid in if she's allowed to have it. Temps are not fun, my eldest had a four day 39deg plus run once, it was sooo not nice, but the docs said as long as fluid intake was maintained and wet nappies kept coming he would be fine if he ate nothing for a few days, and he was, it was just freaky. Hope Rubes feels better soon, and that it doesn't do your poor head in too much.

Pip Lincolne said...

Your place is completely RAD.
Your bed linen is especially super RAD.
In fact it's all RAD and you are RAD.
It's true.
You are.
You know it.
Thanks for showing us your divinely adorable place. xx

Puppies for sale said...

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nineteen toes said...

I love your staircase decorating - especially Mr Wolf running down the stairs! We can't put anything around our staircase as it has no railing and is therefore considered a "high danger" area, (but we DO have the collection of boxes visible under the stairs - in our case it's a computer graveyard...) Hope Ruby is feelng better soon!