Friday, October 02, 2009

Cheaty McCheaterson

Some days getting anything done proves impossible. Big Georgie Love update coming when we get back next week. It will be good, you'll see.

Hands up if you guys are also loving Glee? How FUN is it?

Yes, I cheated on day two of Blogtober, but I am leaving early in the morning and traveling all day. Sometimes a little pinch and tuck there is necessary.

Got to go finish packing, ack.


Mardi said...

Well, I was very impressed with the speedy delivery time after I'd made an online order a few months ago- my beautifully wrapped parcel arrived THE NEXT DAY!!!(complete with gift of bird brooch that my daughter was thrilled with, thank you)So all I can say is well done under your circumstances, she looks adorable...and thanks again. Mardi x

pepper said...

im enjoying glee too, adds a bit of bedazzle of an evening :)
good luck with your trip (and sending phone-breaking-vibes in aid of a new iphone )
x Pepper