Saturday, October 03, 2009

Little Drunko

I call this video little drunko. I had to stop filming because I started laughing so hard. We were listening to the Glee soundtrack, which DrMr downloaded and Rubes usually dances too. I was trying to secretly film her dancing, but she was a little spaced out from her cold.

Hope your weekend is a good one! Tina, I woke p at 5:20am thinking of your haircut! Hope it is magnificent!


Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

It IS magic! Thanks for sharing Rachel! I told her you recommended her. I told her to do whatever she wanted because I was so bored with it all, so she chopped it all off and bleached it and made it ginger... sound familiar? Haha... It's the new 'Rachel' do.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Ruby, that is super cute. Reminds me a little of my hens night.