Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where I complain a lot and alienate people.

So, I missed a day for blogtober yesterday. I was planning on talking about two things, either:

1. How much those idyllic blogs give me the shits. You know the ones, where life is rosy, posy perfect and everything is filtered through muted sunlight and we are all SO VERY HAPPY AND WELL ADJUSTED and my children are perfect and my partner is perfect and gosh darnit, aren't I cute and quirky and have THE MOST PERFECT TASTE IN EVERYTHING. Bleurgh. The sugar saccharine makes my teeth hurt and my belly sick. And I was thinking, is that what I do? I don't think so, I try to be as honest and straight forward about my life as possible, but am I accurate? Do people get an honest idea about it? My life, as happy as it does make me, is not idyllic. I live in a lovely foresty area, but our house is cramped and cluttered and ENTIRELY inappropriate for having babies in, so I need to be watching Rubes AT ALL TIMES and I have been having middle of the night anxiety (when the best and most stupid anxiety strikes) about cleaning the windows, as it's my obsession at the moment. And I finally had to come to the conclusion that at the moment I can not clean the windows, as Rubes is too difficult to keep entertained during that time - the kitchen (where the most spidery web windows live) she is bored with as she has to be in there while we make dinner and she is quite disagreeable at the moment because as I have said before - she is getting all her bottom teeth at once - it's a swollen sore mess. The molars seem to be coming through first with the most white there and the front milky teeth are not far behind and the ones in between bringing up the rear.

This is my life. I obsess about small stuff, usually cleaning related and I start projects and never finish them. I have a pile of recipe magazines (the only ones I buy) in the lounge because I keep attempting to cut out recipes and get rid of the rest. I started this project when I WAS PREGNANT. I am pretty much on the go from when I get up (6 or 7) to when I go to bed (9-11) and if I take time to do something for myself then something else doesn't get done. During naps yesterday, I read books, which was GREAT and something I do very little of, but I was a bit tired from the wine DrMr and I drank the night before (ahem), so had NO MOTIVATION to get scrubbing or tidying or washing. I don' have people over because I am one of those people who LIKES a clean house, but can't be bothered doing it for company. And I AM AWARE that none of my friends give a shit about clean.

Ok long point to say, I AM FAIRLY NEUROTIC. There you go. I am not complaining about my life, I am just saying I AM NORMAL and INCREDIBLY BORING.

2. Anyway, I thought that was too wanky and you know what, COMPLETELY NORMAL for any working parent, so SHUT THE HELL UP Sally Morrigan. SO INSTEAD, I was going to post some pics of Rubes and I at the park yesterday. We have a lovely lake in the middle of the suburb we live and I often forget about it, but I am trying to take Rubes more fun places to distract her from her sore mouth (and tire her out, as naps are currently a time of hysteria) I just put her down for a nap, and she is not crying, but she is singing and kicking her cot so hard that it sounds like there is a team of tradesmen upstairs remodeling the bathroom. As long as there are no tears, I am happy. She'll tire herself out. Eventually.

For once the sun was out.

And so were the ducklings. They will let you get quite close if you throw bread at them.

We stopped for a swing and a slide.

Then a biscuit and drink of water in the sun and home again.


willywagtail said...

O dear. I hope Rubes teeth eventually give her peace. I was a very lucky mother and the only indication that my children were teething was the occasional case of bad nappy rash or the odd nightmare. CHAOS or the 'can't have anyone over syndrome' can be helped with a mentor like flylady. She would let you know that you are never behind and you only need to take babysteps which is about all anyone with littlies usually manages anyway. All the best. Cherrie

Fiona said...

I get completely worked up when I have people over, and my house is alarmingly un-baby-friendly, so full is it with baby-level choking-hazards.

Also, I find your blogs the perfect level of reality. Some days are lovely, and some days are not. That's how it goes, and that's how you show it, and that's why I like it. So there.

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

Oh thanks for writing this post. It's the post I never dared to write! To be honest I don't read that stuff anymore - it's like magazines, it just makes me feel bad. It's just a different brand of unattainable. If I see one more picture of a beautiful 16-year old dressed in a white linen dress with ruffles basking in the sunset and playing in a field of golden hay, I will seriously scream.

And for the record, I find cleaning my floor in the kitchen therapeutic, and I have done it at night when I couldn't sleep, and I don't even have kids so I can constantly indulge my very own brand of insanity! Neurotic high five!

Kelly White said...

I like your honesty! and Ruby is sooo gorgeous. I think you will find the people that matter will hate those blogs right along with you :P

Dagmar Rousset said...

Great post! I feel exactly the same way about those "look at me, isn't my life amazing?" kind of blogs. I even very nervously wrote a post about how much I hate them (and then crossed my fingers that I hadn't offended anyone.)

Btwm your gal is just adorable. :)

Leonie Guld said...

one day you will look back on these posts and think...gee that was hard work, having small teething, no sleeping kids, that turn you feral overnight!!!! Then you will be so dam grateful that, that stage was OVER!!

As for the cobweb windows.......learn to love them!!! Did you know that daddy long legs are the only spiders to eat the white tales? so the webs have to STAY!!

If anyone complains tell them to "Shove Off"

motorcycle clothing said...

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CurlyPops said...

My fave blogs are the ones that keep it real, where things aren;t perfect, where the photos are sometimes blurry, where it's more important to have fun than clean the house... which is why I love yours!

a little something... said...

I too obsess about having a clean house, particularly if people are coming over...I hyperventilate if someone turns up without calling first and the house is not in order, and also because unless someone is coming over I am always in my pyjamas...eek!

Betty Jo said...

Well guess what..last night I had two unplanned visitors. House was a shambles AND I was in my jammies!
I felt like a super dag.
I often suffer from CHAOS, but that's the price you pay for being from a family where no one has inherited the "neat" gene.
I reckon some of those pretty rooms in the stylish blogs are really grungy "out of shot". Don't you????

Anonymous said...

What a great post to read at work! I'm having a bad day and had a good chuckle when I read it.

kitty said...

Oh dear! You do write with a funny tone of voice, it always makes me chuckle.
Do you think maybe that you shouldn't put such high expectations on yourself? Your baby is going through a difficult stage & it is very stressful for you to try & do so much.
I agree with Leonie, one day you'll look back & see how hard it was. But gee, thank god it's over!
Good on you for voicing your thoughts. I believe it is the only way for us to truly understand each other. We can't hide behind ruffled linen dresses forever. One day reality has to come out & bite bloody hard! Ha Ha.
I hope the rest of your week is a bit easier.

Leonie said...

you're all good. just stick to being yourself! reality is not all saccharin sweet.

Virginia said...

Totally agreed about the blogs that are all saccharine.

Gimme reality any day. Plus, it's way funnier.

I was actually griping about this to a friend regarding knitting blogs. You know the ones where people post photos of their works in progress that look perfect, and the whole project is going perfectly and then they finish their perfect projects without any problems and isn't life just perfect? PIFFLE, I say. Perfection is deadly dull. LET IT ALL HANG OUT!

Mon Alisa Design said...

I agree! I've had a crap day so far with my girls deciding to paint themselves with my body cream (that is the only luxury i had), the dog vomiting all over their toys and Haidee cutting up the dolls that took me forever to make yesterday but you know what? Thats my life and i wouldn't have it any other way. As i write this WW3 is breaking out...Gotta go! xxx