Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Working from home with a handsy 11 month old is tricky, to say the least.

I always laugh when people email me asking for work experience or if I need an assistant. "Sure, can you take Rubes and Georgie for a walk while I finish photographing these brooches. Then can you do a load of washing and take something out for dinner? Also, Rubes spilt water from lunch, if you could please wipe up the floor over there". It's really not fancy in behind the velvet curtain of Georgie Love. I am working around grabby hands.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's totally been Rubetober so far, but there is not much else going on here at the moment.


clare's craftroom said...

Love your photos , thanks !

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

Rubetober - love it. And the behind the scenes at Georgie Love sounds like an OK job to me.