Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Such a good song. And it's how I feel today, a sore wisdom tooth is messing with half my body. UGH. Taking some of this song energy and infusing it in my bones. Still haven't dragged myself off the floor yet.

Monday, November 23, 2009

catching up

I don't go to the mailbox for 4 days and this is what I have to contend with on my return to Georgie Love.

It's ok though, I have a helper to sort through it.

Assistant needs constant supervision. As I open mail, she quietly destroys a roll of [v. expensive] mailing labels.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homeward or something

Ok, we are back from the HOLIDAY in MOOLOOLABA, which was GOOD, although after 6 or so hours traveling home, I am fairly exhausted and only half-heartedly looking at emails and all the outstanding orders for Georgie Love. Tomorrow perhaps.

ANYWAY, holiday was good, although the muppet had a cold for all of it, DrMr had a sore throat and we saw the first proper-proper 15 minute full-blown tantrum from Rubes in our last night (not wanting dinner related), which mostly had us in giggles at the melodrama of it all, lots of rolling around on the floor, grand gestures of throwing arms in front of eyes and kicking at furniture. I am assuming it's partly a scorpio baby thing too. She's at that stage where I know she understands and responds a lot to what I say, but hasn't developed the skills to be able to fully express what she wants. So yes honey, I know that you'd rather play than have dinner right now, but I'd prefer to have a baby with a full belly at bedtime, than one who wakes up starving at 2am and demands something to eat then and there, when I just WANT TO SLEEP.

Ok, holiday highlights:
2. Great food, drinks, ice cream, laziness
3. Sunrises, sunsets, long walks, my family
4. The World's Best Op Shop
5. Rubes laughing to herself at the plane taking off, no fear
6. Time to read books

1. Good lord, I don't think there was a minute I didn't have a drink or food in my hand, I am an OVERSTUFFED SAUSAGE right now
2. Ruby's cold
3. DrMr's sore throat
4. Baby tantrums and moodiness
5. Getting up at 4 or 5am with Ruby
6. My sunburnt shoulders
7. A delayed flight home

Even though I am complaining bout the 4 and 5am starts, quiet mornings on the beach with Rubes and I were some of my favourite parts.

Did we?... Of course we did!

More pics (op shop related) to follow. Right now, lying on the floor is the most important thing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

holiday brief.

Here at the beach, weather is lovely - warm but not roasting. I think it is warmer in Melbourne at the moment, but Rubes has a cold. When I show you photos I took at the greatest op-shop known to man, you will cry. Oh my.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where my true genius finally becomes immediately apparent

Ok, so look at that blog heading, A BOLD STATEMENT IF I EVER HEARD ONE. The secondary title to that is "PETTY THINGS THAT GIVE ME THE SHITS", I THINK this is number three for official petty things in the blog.

OK, do you know what I HATE with a PASSION? BUTTONS OR POPPERS ON DOONA/DUVET/COMFORTER/QUILT COVERS. They are the most useless things KNOWN TO MAN. I am so anally retentive and bothered by them, that if I kick some open and hear them pop in the middle of the night, I am forced at 4am to get up, feel around in the dark to press them all together. I have to check the bottom of the bed every night before I go to sleep to see if the buttons are all done up. The stupidness of the DOONA COVER OF WONDER is that it has button closure, but like 30cm up from the end n the underside of the doona. Right where my feet lie, when I am curled up with it tucked under my chin, so one too-enthusiastic leg kick means that 4 buttons undo and I have to sit up and DO THEM UP AGAIN. Impossible for me to leave.


Other than that, the air con is STILL NOT FIXED. The aircon (was trying to think of an offensive word here to describe him, but not toooooo offensive), anyway the AIRCON LOSER-FLAKE-OVERTALKER GUY was here yesterday, but as he left our remote in his glovebox for 4 days in 35 degree heat, it's now broken and needs to be replaced too. Can I say how much I dislike him? He is so unreliable, gives a million excuses and if our aircon ever breaks down again, I would rather live without it than deal with him again. I have been having middle of the night anxiety about it, which is NO GOOD AT ALL.

Hot weather has led to lots of bathtime fun on the balcony or in the shade of the tree ferns. Apart from this morning, when an unprecedented morning shower had to take place as Ruby was deciding if rubbing vegemite on toast in her hair would give her luscious salon-quality style and glossiness. The answer is no, it doesn't.

Only two more sleeps till the BEACH HOLIDAY. DrMr has been working all weekend so he doesn't have to think too much about work next week, which is understandable and good to do so we can relax together next week, but also extremely tedious as Rubes and I have been stuck indoors waiting for the stupid and very unreliable aircon man.

Trying not to look at how many orders I need to send out before we leave, time to stop procrastinating.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Hi there, obviously my new thing is NOT POSTING, that's because somewhere in the week I collapsed in a hot and tired heap and could not be roused with cold glasses of champagne, lemon-lime gelati or even promises of cool, un-child-filled, showers. But I have finally SCRAPED myself off the floor and am back propped up at my desk. It's been busy, I've been tired. We had Rubes first birthday last weekend and ALAS I took no real photos of note on the day, there are some but I haven't sorted through them to find some non-blurry ones and the day after I had a presentation thingy to give at Craft Vic on selling online and then after those two big (slightly stressful events), I was too tired to form a cohesive sentence to anyone.

Here is one photo taken after the party, every one has gone home, we were tidying up and Rubes appears to be sitting in her party dress, in a big puddle of water on the floor, eating watermelon. Fortunately that dress was remarkably wash and wear and is in good condition to come out again at Christmas. Party itself was good fun, lots of our lovely friends were there, Rubes had a great time and was thrilled that there was a never-ending stream of people to push her on her swing. Am very glad I don't have to think about entertaining again for ANOTHER YEAR.


Other news from this week: I met Map29 at Craft Vic and she is super-lovely, our aircon is broken the repairman keeps putting us off and I want to punch him in the face as it's 29 degrees at night in Ruby's room, Georgie Love is officially in Christmas rush.

But we are leaving on Tuesday next week for here. For 5 nights. Ok, yes with a child so it's not as ROMANTIC as it could be, but Ruby deserves a holiday too. Georgie is having a holiday with my friend Lucy, which HE LOVES as he spends 99% of his time BEING PETTED AND SPOONED. No joke, he doesn't want to come home from there when we go pick him up, he sighs and trudges out to the car.

Oh, wait you wanted to see more of our FORTHCOMING HOLIDAY? We apparently have an oceanside apartment, which means this is our view.

More sooner, rather than later. OBVIOUSLY need to go slap on some fake tan.

Friday, November 06, 2009

unneccesary purchases part 1.

I break my RADIO SILENCE which is for no good reason, other than busy-ness and work malaise to tell you that I made the absolutely unnecessary purchase of babushka measuring cups. I nearly bought 2 sets because I thought they would soon sell out quickly (which they did, more coming soon apparently), but although I could think of 100 different people to give them to, there was no good reason for the time and which of those friends would be my lucky favourite with the cups? So now just my set sits on my windowsill in the kitchen waiting for the next baking session, which was going to be carrot cake as I have some sad carrots, but alas no time at the moment.


This little one here is 1 on Sunday. I have already started decorating the house. It is going to be RIDICULOUS. The amount of decorations (many) do not correspond with the size of the party (smallish). I said to DrMr, are all these decorations, too much, too froufrou? He said no, as it's a party for a one year old, it is impossible for it to be too much. I love that man.

1 Day Old.  Tiny! Day 1 in the world

She was once VERY small. Where has the year gone?