Sunday, November 22, 2009

Homeward or something

Ok, we are back from the HOLIDAY in MOOLOOLABA, which was GOOD, although after 6 or so hours traveling home, I am fairly exhausted and only half-heartedly looking at emails and all the outstanding orders for Georgie Love. Tomorrow perhaps.

ANYWAY, holiday was good, although the muppet had a cold for all of it, DrMr had a sore throat and we saw the first proper-proper 15 minute full-blown tantrum from Rubes in our last night (not wanting dinner related), which mostly had us in giggles at the melodrama of it all, lots of rolling around on the floor, grand gestures of throwing arms in front of eyes and kicking at furniture. I am assuming it's partly a scorpio baby thing too. She's at that stage where I know she understands and responds a lot to what I say, but hasn't developed the skills to be able to fully express what she wants. So yes honey, I know that you'd rather play than have dinner right now, but I'd prefer to have a baby with a full belly at bedtime, than one who wakes up starving at 2am and demands something to eat then and there, when I just WANT TO SLEEP.

Ok, holiday highlights:
2. Great food, drinks, ice cream, laziness
3. Sunrises, sunsets, long walks, my family
4. The World's Best Op Shop
5. Rubes laughing to herself at the plane taking off, no fear
6. Time to read books

1. Good lord, I don't think there was a minute I didn't have a drink or food in my hand, I am an OVERSTUFFED SAUSAGE right now
2. Ruby's cold
3. DrMr's sore throat
4. Baby tantrums and moodiness
5. Getting up at 4 or 5am with Ruby
6. My sunburnt shoulders
7. A delayed flight home

Even though I am complaining bout the 4 and 5am starts, quiet mornings on the beach with Rubes and I were some of my favourite parts.

Did we?... Of course we did!

More pics (op shop related) to follow. Right now, lying on the floor is the most important thing.


Bec said...

i am slightly jealous at your glorious family holiday in the sunshine...and what queensland holiday isn't complete without a trip to the big pineapple?!? rubes is just too freaking cute right now, i must lay down too.

Megs said...

Hi Sal,
I am up in Mooloolaba on wednesday and I would love to know the name of that great Op shop you talk of! Might need to pack a little lighter than I thought!

Mama Mogantosh said...

We were in Mooloo recently too, and all sick with post-wedding Commitment Flu. Some nice driving around the hinterland we did though.

Ooh, welcome to toddler-world. At that stage with Ivy, I started teaching her a bit of baby sign language - she learned food, more, drink, milk, duck and light. You can learn it from li-berry books, and it really made a difference with her frustration.

frankie and ray said...

Oh, the Big Pineapple....that brings back memories of family holidays. Gosh. Tell me you did the Nutmobile! Do they still have the Nutmobile?