Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where my true genius finally becomes immediately apparent

Ok, so look at that blog heading, A BOLD STATEMENT IF I EVER HEARD ONE. The secondary title to that is "PETTY THINGS THAT GIVE ME THE SHITS", I THINK this is number three for official petty things in the blog.

OK, do you know what I HATE with a PASSION? BUTTONS OR POPPERS ON DOONA/DUVET/COMFORTER/QUILT COVERS. They are the most useless things KNOWN TO MAN. I am so anally retentive and bothered by them, that if I kick some open and hear them pop in the middle of the night, I am forced at 4am to get up, feel around in the dark to press them all together. I have to check the bottom of the bed every night before I go to sleep to see if the buttons are all done up. The stupidness of the DOONA COVER OF WONDER is that it has button closure, but like 30cm up from the end n the underside of the doona. Right where my feet lie, when I am curled up with it tucked under my chin, so one too-enthusiastic leg kick means that 4 buttons undo and I have to sit up and DO THEM UP AGAIN. Impossible for me to leave.


Other than that, the air con is STILL NOT FIXED. The aircon (was trying to think of an offensive word here to describe him, but not toooooo offensive), anyway the AIRCON LOSER-FLAKE-OVERTALKER GUY was here yesterday, but as he left our remote in his glovebox for 4 days in 35 degree heat, it's now broken and needs to be replaced too. Can I say how much I dislike him? He is so unreliable, gives a million excuses and if our aircon ever breaks down again, I would rather live without it than deal with him again. I have been having middle of the night anxiety about it, which is NO GOOD AT ALL.

Hot weather has led to lots of bathtime fun on the balcony or in the shade of the tree ferns. Apart from this morning, when an unprecedented morning shower had to take place as Ruby was deciding if rubbing vegemite on toast in her hair would give her luscious salon-quality style and glossiness. The answer is no, it doesn't.

Only two more sleeps till the BEACH HOLIDAY. DrMr has been working all weekend so he doesn't have to think too much about work next week, which is understandable and good to do so we can relax together next week, but also extremely tedious as Rubes and I have been stuck indoors waiting for the stupid and very unreliable aircon man.

Trying not to look at how many orders I need to send out before we leave, time to stop procrastinating.


Bec said...

oh miss rubes, you get cuter every day!! and to you salmo, who knew that buttons were the cause of so much irritation?? you could always make your own doona covers, surely it is just a cushion cover on a much larger scale...f

CurlyPops said...

Your stories always seem to give me a good chuckle!

Cath from chunkychooky said...

I totally agree about the buttons! Why don't they make it with a friggin zipper!!! Its so obvious!!!
I can't go to sleep if the curtina isn't right... you know like if there is some wndow showing.... I know petty... but ican't help it, its like if a rug has been flicked over on one corner. I don't cope.

Amy Paul said...

umm - that beautiful quilt is WELL worth you button popping troubles!

Ruby is such a cute little treasure.

And yes, why is it that air-con men just seem to be like the Charlie Brown voice, "rah rah rah rah, rah rah nah rah rah." Do they not see the emergency when the air con breaks?? GET A MOVE ON IT EH?!!?

P.S. Can I join your all girl hair band? I want to be Hootie Metalicious. I am ashamed to say that I had that hair of the girl on the right. Go Aqua Net!

henzy said...

so cute.. looks like he's having a blast

Virginia said...

I haven't had a lot of problems with the buttons, but I'm a pretty still sleeper. Hmmm. Will have to ask around.

Have you tried replacing the buttons with ties? I've had a couple of duvet covers with ties in the corners that worked pretty well.

Lila Rose said...

Ruby is gorgeous :)
And how ridiculous is this Melbourne weather! Oh my gosh!