Sunday, December 13, 2009

head like a hole

Living in the semi-bush like we do, wandering down, down the stairs (it's three levels, so from the bedrooms it's two levels down), one can encounter all sort of wild and revolting creature wandering about in the kitchen and or laundry (did I ever tell you about the time I walked in on a massive daddy-long-legs and smallish scorpion that were having a fight MID AIR in the laundry? I am assuming because it was mid air, the daddy was in the lead. However I left them to it and found neither again, so who knows who the final champion was. So if you have ever wandered who WOULD WIN in a fight between those two creatures - we still have no answer).

This morning there was something on the side of the sink and I thought to myself "what the F&*K is that" (note: in my head, no censoring), something brown, beady and crusty. I watched and blew on it, no movement. After a few minutes of deliberation I finally figured out that was a bit off the top of some pate (you know with the peppercorns and jelly stuff) that we had for dinner last night. So safe to touch and wash down the sink.

The reason I have a Nine Inch Nails cover to illustrate this story is that on more than one occassion I have FOUND those massive centipedes in our laundry sink (which I just accidentally typed as sick), and they are REVOLTING. They make me gag as they are just horrible looking things of nightmares. But every time I see one, I do think of Nine Inch Nails, which is neither a good or bad thing. Just neutral.

Oh also here is a community service announcement for this morning, do not EVER do a google image search for "centipedes", unless you want to revisit the honey on rye toast you had for breakfast.

[EDITED TO SAY: up-sides of living in the semi-rural, kangaroos in the backyard, peacocks who visit, owls at night, goats, sheep, chickens and ducks, parrots, black cockatoos, trees and never hearing a peep from the neighbours who aren't on top of us]


Vic said...


We get those beauties too - I'd never even SEEN them before we moved here, so needless to say the first time I freaked the hell out...!

MildlyCrafty said...

Well I had to google it after you said that. They're BIG aren't they!!

amy said...

NIN makes centipedes look great! ;)