Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ho Ho Ho and similar sentiments

Phew. Ok, so it's a day early, but with the Australia Post strike debacle, I think I can officially call the Georgie Love Christmas rush over. I am pooped, disheveled, sleepy and satisfied. It's like a race to be run, a little bit more, a little bit more, push and then you are done and it's a good feeling, but I am ready for the well earned break. Tomorrow is going to be a hardcore cleaning and tidy and pack day and then we are hitting the road for Christmas with the family.

Is this my Christmas sign-off? I had so many different things to type about lately, but just not the time, energy or inclination. Maybe with a bit of breathing space I will get back into the groove. I am happy, it's been an odd little year, but I think we are coming out at the end of it on the top side of things. Lots planned for 2010, so it's going to be excitiing.

I HAD LUNCH with a trio of lovely ladies today, and let me tell you, I have some lovely ladies in my life, but these girls are up there. Smart, funny, generous and gorgeous. More please, which sounds sleazy and I don't mean that at all, but I mean, you know - more good people in my life is good. I am lucky, I have only met the best people through Georgie Love and blogland.

Ok, so YOU if you are reading this, I say sincerely to you: Have a great Christmas. And if Christmas is irrelevant to you, then have a great holiday season. I have my fingers crossed that 2010 is a brilliant year for you. Because seriously, the best is yet to come, you just have to wait and see. Much love!

(*sorry, that photo of Georgie and I is like three years old, but it WAS taken at Christmas time and is the most Christmassy photo I could find of us and as I am wearing pj pants and a skanky t-shirt, now is not the time for the Christmas photos. Sentiments are the same nonetheless! And dang that was a good haircut for me, I had my haircut last week, but it's a GROWING MY HAIR OUT haircut and is less than spectacular, awkward even)


m.e (Cathie) said...

I was going to say, love the haircut!
all the best for the georgie love household for the new year.

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

Have the most splendiferous christmas with the gorgeous doggie and the beautiful family! xxx

Mama Mogantosh said...

Rest! Relax! Be merry! I'm talking to Georgie. You, do that as much as you can around the peppy little Rubes and road trippery. Merry Christmas and thanks for lots of fun this year. x

Fiona said...

Aha, sleazy indeed! You just watch out, I may pretend to yawn just to slip my arm around you in New Moon, 'cause you're completely ace, and hawt too.

Amy Paul said...

Merry Christmas to you too!
Is Georgie a German Shorthair? I cannot tell from that pikky, but I've got a soft spot for GS's as my grandpa had one named "fritz" when I was growing up. Fabulous name, "fritz" eh??

lillipilli said...

Dude, I'm loving your hair right now! Don't. Change. A. Thing!
It was scrumptious catching up with you yesterday! Yay! Let's do it again some time soon!

leslie said...

merry christmas to the sweet crew at your place! and thank ruby especially for the gifty for mae - sooooo cute and muchly needed : )

Aussie-waffler said...

Merry, merry Christmas to you and the fam Sally. Hope that Ms Ruby is at her sweetalicious best and that Gorgie doesn't make off with the ham. Look forward to more Georgie Love bloggy goodness in the New Year :) x

Virginia said...

Cute photo!

Sorry to hear about the post strike debacle. Ugh.

but Merry Christmas! Can't wait for more blog posts!

frankie and ray said...

Ah, Sal, we've made it (nearly) to the end of another fabulous year!
Love to you and the family, enjoy your Christmas!
Jo xx

Betty Jo said...

Hi Sally,
All the best to you and yours!
Here's hoping for a healthy and happy 2010! You've kicked great goals this year and Betty Jo gives thanks!
....see you in the Craft lane!