Wednesday, December 02, 2009

not the update I intended.

It's all quiet on the Sal-front. I have spent the past week or so feeling like I am pushing a boulder up hill. It's all huffing and puffing and all this extra work, for no outcome. UGH. Tedious and frustrating, too much paperwork, things breaking down and needing fixing, talking to people on the telephone and distractions. But we will get there. Of course we will. It's all these little niggly things to take care of. I don't cry when I am sad, I cry when I am frustrated and talking to Telstra yesterday HAD ME IN FRUSTRATED TEARS at the end and I DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM, IN FACT THEY OWE ME $80.70 AND HAVE FOR A YEAR AND THIS WAS MY FIFTH CALL TRYING TO GET THEM TO SEND ME A CHEQUE REFUND. They even acknowledge that they owe me money. ARGH.

Anyway, DrMr, Rubes and I are all good otherwise. The little nest of us is happy.

Yesterday Rubes and I spent the morning in Monbulk, cause it's close to home and quite lovely there, very relaxed and a non-touristy part of the hills with a couple of sweet cafes and quirky (not in a cool sense) shops. It even has three op-shops and my favourite (and I am telling you a big secret here) is the Monbulk Primary School one, which is a little out of the way of the main street, but it's gold. It's an absolute mess, but all books, all of them, all hard covers, kid's books, cook books, craft books etc are 10 cents. A bag of ladies clothes is $5.00. It's cheap and full of good stuff. They have some excellent vintage shoes, but whenever I visit, I have a babe on my hip and am only limited to what I can carry (seriously, you wouldn't want to put anything on the floor in there). I am seriously tempted to open an etsy store with just finds from the store (mostly books for me).

(oh yeah, that lovely picture is by Kristen Vestgard)


Mon Alisa Design said...

Bloody Telstra!!! Grrrrr

Virginia said...

I hate days like this. Or weeks.

I feel much like that at work right now. Ugh

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

you have the blehs... that's ok. they will go away eventually. Promise.

Amy Paul said...

if its any consolation- Telstra has probably made EVERY Australian cry or grit their teeth with profanities coming out of thier mouth on more than one occasion.
Bleh's suck - hope you are back onto some groovy toovies soon.

Anonymous said...

don't like this story much, especially the part about tears. but 10c books - are you kidding me!?!? that is a veritable treasure trove for book nerds like me! except for the fact that second-hand books SERIOUSLY freak me out.