Saturday, January 30, 2010

quick for Sat

Here's 14 seconds of pure kitty business trip related joy for you. I am looking at you and you in particular.

And if you have a juvenile sense of humour, try this site... It's a little NSFW though. Just a little.

Friday, January 29, 2010

a sort of swapsies

I'm not planning a Swapapalooza any time soon (but I might do something with cds, I am feeling music at the moment), but did you know that Fat Mum Slim is doing something very similar with HAPPY MAIL? It's close and everyone loves a package in the mail, so maybe you would like to sign up along with me? yay!

There is this vintage store in Kallista not far from my house, well it's kind of a collectible store really, opposite a VINTAGE COOKBOOK SHOP (!), can you believe it? Anyway DrMr, the kidlet and I were in there a week or two ago (I broke my no-spend January rule by buying two japanese ceramic figurines (a duck and um, another duck), but they were only $13 for the two and I think no spend January specified buying nothing NEW for the month and obviously, these are not new) and for one of those collectible kind of stores, it had awesome stuff cheap. And while I was in there, I was thinking of all the blogger people I consider friends (you) and in my head bought presents for you all, secretly posted them, you loved them and we all lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Obviously, my mind could be filled with loftier things. And I need to stop considering my time blogging and visiting other blogs and reading and commenting as social outings. That's an arm and not a deformed foot. And don't I have lovely penmanship?

Dance dance Friday

Get your disco boots and cape on and DANCE PEOPLE. Cause it's Friday and that's how I roll. Pick your favourite beat and get the fudge down.

(ps: is there anything sexier than Graeme's "grrrrrrrrr" in this?! aha!)


Only two days left to enter our Red Poppy Giveaway. GET CRACKING PEOPLE!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hair hell

No joke, this is the horror that is on the top of my head at the moment. So not sexy. Tempted to cut it, but wanting to grow it. What urge will win?

stuff and stuffiness

Rubes is teething and waking every few hours in the night. She is one of those babies who gets a cold with every tooth that comes through. Which she has passed on to me, so it's a hardcore day of laying on the couch and watching trashy television.

Actually, I am reading two books - ironically as a meat eater, that I will probably get into instead. This new one from Jonathon Safran Foer, which my library (I love the library) ordered especially for me, which after 3 chapters has already made me cry. I am not an enthusiastic meat eater at the best of times and have gone off and on meat for years (and meat made me sick when pregnant), but I think if you do choose to eat - meat or whatever, you should have some idea what goes in the manufacturing process. I have always feel a little weird about feeding Rubes meat and fish, because I have to make that choice for her (and as a family being involved in shaping her values), and what if she is an adult and decides it's not for her - particularly when I am not sure it's for me (it's a bit of a moot point at the moment, since she only wants to live on yoghurt, bread, bananas, apples, bircher muesli (don't ask), cheese and hob nobs). Anyway it's a really thoughtful, surprisingly neutral presentation of the information. Foer is a vegetarian, and the book has his personal choices , stories and struggles in it, but it's not preachy. If you can find a copy, read it and let's have a chat about it, I would love to hear other people's thoughts on it.

The other (library book, obviously) is the Vegan Lunchbox (also a blog I subscribe too) - which I mainly picked up to get some new ideas on healthy lunches and meals I can make for the three of us.

As the primary cook and shopper for the family, I have the power to shape our dietary choices - we always have a fridge full of fruit and vegies, because I am so pro unprocessed food, but these are giving me some fuel for thought and I don't yet know what our final outcome will be.

If I owe you an email (and I probably do) I am sorry for the delay, it's coming! But for now, I am hopping back into bed to rewatch The Big Bang Theory season 1. We love that show.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rubes finally has enough hair for hair pins. For the discerning under 2 year old, we only choose Miss Beba!

...but for the ultimate nerd-child, we choose $1 3D glasses. Hooray Avatar!

Things I do that embarrass DrMr terribly

Item 476: Being a Hard Rubbish-er. If there is stuff left on the side of the road, I am into it. In fact, and embarrassingly, his nickname for me is Binnie. Because he thinks I love rubbish in bins. I don't get embarrassed, I wave to the locals on their street and a friendly nod to the other Binnes cruising in their cars. Anyway...

HARD RUBBISH LOVERS OUT THERE, GET YOURSELF TO NARRE WARREN NOW, IT WAS RIDICULOUS (opposite Fountain Gate, Princes Hwy side). We drove to the JB HiFi there to buy a present for someone and noticed there was hard rubbish and it was INSANE. I might declare Narre Warren as the most wasteful suburb in Victoria, we saw (MULTIPLES OF) great condition lounges, dining room suites -complete dining tables and chairs in perfect condition, outdoor furniture, cots, wardrobes, coffee tables, tv cabinets, everything. I am not kidding, I could furnish a complete house with what we found - and with decent condition stuff too. It was crazy. Oh and every second house had vintage suitcases, if that is your thing.

Not for the first time, I rued our tiny little Mazda 2 and insisted the next car will be a van or station wagon. But we were lucky enough anyway and I was thrilled with our score. I have been looking for a second hand sewing machine on ebay for a while and I found not one, but two sewing machines (Janome and Singer) - both in working condition.

The Janome is the more modern machine, so I think I will get that one serviced (it needs a new globe at the very least) and then find someone to bug for some refresher lessons on how to use it. Although it even has the instruction booklet with it and instructions for an overlocker and I am now kicking myself that there could have been an overlocker there that I didn't find as well.

The singer has all the fancy feet though. Being the sewing novice that I am, I can't even tell you what you use them for, other than FEET! SHINY! But I think they might be able to be used on the other one? Don't laugh at me, I really have no idea.

One question though The Janome is missing the bobbin holder, but the Singer has one - are they essentially the same and can I use the one from the Singer in the Janome, or does it need a Janome specific one?

Our other scores: a few board games with all their pieces intact - hurrah (who wants to come over and play the YTT game??!!!) (side note, see that tiny little shadow box on the bookshelf on the far left, filled with even tinier little ceramic animals????? $5 at an op shop in Mooloolaba! On the right is a piece from Jules Knobock)

and this most beautiful 1966 memory card game, which has the most BEAUTIFUL images, I just picked a few favourites from the box, there are heaps (108 cards). I can see this going home to a crafter. I am in two minds, keep or swap. KEEP OR SWAP?

Other great things, DrMr and I went on a DATE last night, which was awesome (thanks again Bec), and I am about to enroll in an evening ceramics course (which I have always loved, but I am not certain if enthusiasm matches skill), so all that with my twice weekly yoga means my dance card is pretty and happily full.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Let's dance and be merry

The most beautiful new purses embroidered by Tara Badcock now on Georgie Love. They are EXQUISITE and make the perfect (Valentine's?) present for someone you love... or yourself.

Other than that, HOORAY FRIDAY. Let's dance freaky style. Can you not listen to this, sing along and dance with some mad hip wiggling? You know it's true folks. HAVE A GOOD ONE.

(or if counting with the Pointer Sisters are not your thing, clap your hands along to this)

GIVEAWAY NUMBER 2 FOR 2010 coming as soon as I get organised. I do love a giveaway and I am making up for LOST TIME.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Anybody know of any SUPERDOOPER cheap holiday houses to rent in Feb, out of School Holidays? We are clean, quiet and tidy people who need a break (2 adults, 1 toddler and maybe a doggy who is quiet and house trained), it can be anywhere in Victoria within a few hours drive, we just want to get out of the house. Staying at home leads to doing work and we need to stop doing some of that for a while.

Also, something I have always wanted to know, with foil, does the shiny side go on the inside or out?

Red Poppy Accessories Giveaway!

Georgie Love is starting a new year, which means more giveaways (it's true, it's one of our New Years Resolutions). Awesome right? To kick it off, we are giving away 2 pieces from new Georgie friend Red Poppy Accessories. To win one of Eva's gorgeous pieces, either comment or tweet at me (one prize for the tweeters and one for the bloggers! You can enter once on each forum!) which piece is your favourite from her range.

Necklaces or pendants, there is bound to be something that takes your fancy, winners will be chosen random on 1 Feb and sent to their new owners very soon after. If you aren't lucky enough to WIN your favourite piece, luckily the beautiful and wonderfully made pieces are affordable enough to buy as a very small treat for yourself (or one of those people you love!). Hooray!

You can always check out Georgie's latest goodies here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Georgie's Looking for Love in 2010

Hola, so I thought I should tell you where I see the gaps for products on Georgie Love, that I would very much like to see more of. I am not looking for EVERYTHING AT ONCE, but please don't be shy about sending me some pics when you have something ready. In particular I am interested in:

Quirky girls, boys and kids clothing
Quirky and well made bags/wallets/purses
Children's things
Homewares - aprons, teatowels, coasters, placemats, etc
Phone and ipod cozies
Paintings, prints etc

I am also thinking about including a small range of handmade soaps, lip balms, teas etc, but I would like to try out a small samples of stock on myself and the family before including on the site. Would happily cover any postage charges.

Now the main things I need to emphasise is that as people are buying things they haven't seen on the site, it needs to be well made - I need it to work as it should and be something you would love to receive yourself! :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

hello slightly weird

Just spending a surprisingly cold afternoon playing around with some new Georgie Love postcard ideas... but not sure of the legality with using vintage photos, the ojar mills studio (google tells me nothing) and the like, so it will probably go no further than this. But in the meantime, HA! This makes me want to do a whole series of photos of Georgie and I frolicking through the ages. Last year was all about having a baby and the year before was all about being pregnant and the year before THAT was all about Georgie Love. So I think it's time again this year to focus some time and energy back into Georgie Love. I have lots of ideas and just need to start working out implementing them all.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Can I tell you something, I am glad this week is over, it's been shitty-pooper-sircrapsalot.

It's one of those weeks that IF SOMETHING CAN GO WRONG, IT WILL. Sick babies, parking tickets, missing mail, headaches, frustration, so many different things breaking, bad news, a 25 minute tantrum, hiccups and all things ridiculous and WRONG.

For example just today, there is a children's clothing shop that I used to quite like. It's like style. for babies. Ahem. And so I ordered a gift for our niece and nephew and put in their address to send it to as they are in NSW. However, they sent it to me instead, which is useless. And I have a confirmation email with the shipping address clearly listed as the correct address in NSW and the billing address as my address, and yet DESPITE THAT PROOF, WHICH I HAVE PROVIDED TO THEM, they are snippy and insisting that it is not possible. I HAVE PROOF PEOPLE, IN WRITING! WE CAN BOTH SEE IT WITH OUR EYES. PLEASE, PLEASE CONCEDE THAT IT IS FREAKING POSSIBLE OR I WILL EXPLODE.

I will.

explode. Poof. A mess all over the office.

I hate bad customer service, I try and go above/beyond for Georgie Love and I can't understand when shop owners argue with customers. Bad form. The customer is always right - right?


BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? Tonight I am going to see Neko Case with this most lovely lady. And it will sooth my currently spiky soul.

This is my favourite favourite song of hers at the moment, I think Rubes is sick of me singing it in the car.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I got this from someone's blog late last year and I can't remember who (& I am so sorry if it was you, it's a great link and thanks for sharing) - it's called you thought we wouldn't notice and it's about design and plagiarism rip-offs and it's fascinating to look at what people think they can get away with.

It's not a problem if you don't act on it, right?

Ok, so I love a good gimmicky shop. I love cute things, smart inventions, gadgets, quirky gifts, etc. LOVE. Now I have insisted that I am not going to buy anything new for 3 months (DrMr says try 1 month and see how you go). Now if not that for CLAUSE, I would be spending 3001 dollars here. Just today. I want to buy everything, I am trying to think what is coming up that I need to SHOP FOR (Valentine's Day, people!)

I want these.



That. And I don't even COOK brownies, but this pan makes me want to eat them.

Also THIS, but I just found that you can get in Australia, so scratch that one off the shopping list.

Obviously, I am not a very complex woman.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this is the pits.

Made by white are not only some of our favourite Georgie Love folks, but they are also some of our favourite real-world people too. Therefore it's incredibly disheartening, distressing and enraging to see that shit UK store Top Shop have BLATANTLY ripped off one of their cutest designs of red riding hood and the wolf.

Georgie Love has always hated rip-offs, which is RIDICULOUSLY blatant in the world of crafting. We urge you to reject inferior copies and foreign imports and support original Australian design, crafters and makers.

You can read about it on their blog.

In other news, I just had a small child do an adult sized vomit straight down my cleavage. Not a good morning so far.

Monday, January 11, 2010

imperfect Mondays

It's freaking hot! And poor Rubes seems to have a tummy bug, we have prescribed lots of naps and fluids, plus prayers offered up to the gods of good health and hygiene that I don't get vomited on again. Her spirits are otherwise good, just wanting lots of cuddles. We've been sitting under the cooling on the couch reading Peekaboo books. Again and again and again. Tedious for me, the most joyful thing in the universe for her. So we persist.

There is a big sign coming into our suburb today which says "FIRE DANGER AREA. NO UNNECESSARY TRAVEL", which is a little demotivating or deflating, LIKE THANKS SIGN PEOPLE. On days like these I have bags out to pack a few things in if necessary, and take mental notes of where things are and what we need if we need to leave quickly, but I don't think we will come to that.

Why does my local supermarket (Monbulk) sell raspberries from Tasmania, when there are GROWERS 5 MINUTES DOWN THE ROAD IN SILVAN. I refuse to buy IN DISGUST and yet am too lazy to make the drive to the growers in Silvan. I am the biggest loser here.

Finally, I am excited for 2010. This year we are going to move house at some point, which will be GREAT. Plus I only have two resolutions, which I started in 2009 and just plan to carry them over - get to yoga twice a week and read every day.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Things I have been terribly neglectful about #4578

Thank you all lovely blogger mamas for your support, words of wisdom and sympathetic stories regarding the food struggles in our house! It definitely helps.

Ok, so quite a while ago now, a while before Christmas even, I was luckily enough to win a giveaway (WHICH I NEVER DO!) from the lovely Miss Alison Regrets. Ok, I guess I don't win many things, because I don't enter many things, because I only enter stuff I REALLY want to win. There is no point in me entering giveaways to win craft supplies as I am a hopeless crafter and I am a little lazy so if I have to enter something and then give a long detailed answer about something or another, I feel too tired before I start. BUT ANYWAY, I saw one of the wonderful corsage brooches made by Fran from vintage ties in Lark's blog of all places and rushed over to buy one. But she had a giveaway and I wanted won so badly that I typed a LONG entry and won one and it arrived a while ago and I wore it over Christmas and I am only NOW telling you, because I am Sally Slackerson.

Anyway, if you like them as much as I do, you can buy one HERE. Go for it.

In other news from our household, DrMr just published a book! (yes, he really is Dr Rock) I am trying to write a review that doesn't sound like it was written by a toddler. Hm.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

food fights

Yoghurt Junkie

So Rubes believes she can live entirely on bread (wholemeal at least) and butter, digestive biscuits, cheese, sometimes bananas and jalna yoghurt. Now if you don't serve one of the aforementioned list, she will throw anything you serve on the floor (to Georgie's fat bastard delight), spit out anything you put in her mouth, scream and point hysterically at the fridge "DOUGHYURT! DOUGHYURT! DOOOOOOOOUUUUGGGGHHYYYUURRT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!", followed with tears, frantic pointing and screaming. It's delightful. Actually, her obsession and drama with yoghurt mostly makes me laugh and I desperately want to film it and play it at her 21st birthday. Now I know she is at the age where she realises she is her own little person, with OPINIONS and MUMMY SHOULD HEAR THEM ALL THE TIME. Ok, great, but I am a little preoccupied with MALNUTRITION RUBY.


SO experienced parental units out there, I am sure this is normal, but is it a phase that will pass or am I destined to have a fussy eater? I am and have always been really relaxed with food with her, never forcing stuff and letting her try whatever we are having to actually EXPAND her palate so that food / feeding doesn't become a stressful thing. Meh.

Other than that, lordy she is in a delightful and very naughty phase. Talking, talking talking with proper words now and then, good moods and delightfulness. We're having fun.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Oh, we are back from Christmas and New Years in Albury and it was a good break. It was hot, merry, full of food, board games, country op shops and lazing about and we actually WENT TO THE CINEMA. ON OUR OWN. It was such a big deal for us to See! Movies! On! A! Big! Screen! that as soon as we got back, I raced over to Fiona's ace movie and book review blog (she is a smart and funny one, it's a good read) to tell her. SIGNIFICANT. Because you're OBVIOUSLY INTERESTED , we saw Avatar (DrMr's favourite) and Sherlock Holmes (mine).

Yes. So now there is nothing left to say, we're all caught up. That's the newssssss...

Hope you had a good break. Eventually, thoughts will penetrate my travel-weary brain and I will say something. And it will be something useful. And potentially interesting.

(*note: if you are curious about what that picture has to advise about this blog, when I typed in googlefu "BEST PICTURE EVER". that's what it gave me)