Friday, January 29, 2010

Dance dance Friday

Get your disco boots and cape on and DANCE PEOPLE. Cause it's Friday and that's how I roll. Pick your favourite beat and get the fudge down.

(ps: is there anything sexier than Graeme's "grrrrrrrrr" in this?! aha!)


Mon Alisa Design said...

Love it!

Vic said...

Normally I skip right by post with videos/songs, but I saw The Goodies!!!!


Thank you for this, it is boss.

I used to be IN LOVE with Bill, weird hairy little hippy... lol, but when I went to see them live a few years back, I was absoloutely smitten by Grae - he was the funniest one there & made me go back to the show with fresh eyes & see how funny he ALWAYS was.

Thanks for making me smile this morning!


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

Oh love the Goodies!
Love those flares!

Virginia said...

Oh crap. I've completely misplaced my cape. BLAST.

And the Goodies, by the way, are HILARIOUS! WOW. My world has been expanded.

Lark said...

The Goodies hahahahaha, love it, Graeme's 'grr definitely moved me! Thanks so much for posting this x