Tuesday, January 05, 2010

food fights

Yoghurt Junkie

So Rubes believes she can live entirely on bread (wholemeal at least) and butter, digestive biscuits, cheese, sometimes bananas and jalna yoghurt. Now if you don't serve one of the aforementioned list, she will throw anything you serve on the floor (to Georgie's fat bastard delight), spit out anything you put in her mouth, scream and point hysterically at the fridge "DOUGHYURT! DOUGHYURT! DOOOOOOOOUUUUGGGGHHYYYUURRT! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH!", followed with tears, frantic pointing and screaming. It's delightful. Actually, her obsession and drama with yoghurt mostly makes me laugh and I desperately want to film it and play it at her 21st birthday. Now I know she is at the age where she realises she is her own little person, with OPINIONS and MUMMY SHOULD HEAR THEM ALL THE TIME. Ok, great, but I am a little preoccupied with MALNUTRITION RUBY.


SO experienced parental units out there, I am sure this is normal, but is it a phase that will pass or am I destined to have a fussy eater? I am and have always been really relaxed with food with her, never forcing stuff and letting her try whatever we are having to actually EXPAND her palate so that food / feeding doesn't become a stressful thing. Meh.

Other than that, lordy she is in a delightful and very naughty phase. Talking, talking talking with proper words now and then, good moods and delightfulness. We're having fun.


Cindy said...

I don't think that I have anything useful to offer even with 2 kids and 5 years 'experience'. Perhaps you should start feeding her dog buscuits, that may suit georgie better. My kids are both fussy eaters and love to monitor closely what they have control over and have no motivation what so ever to do anything with food. Once she gets a little older you may be able to introduce the casual - if you finish that you can have the yogurt that you are screaming for. Caleb (my 5 year old) said that vegetables were only made for guinea pigs to eat so that tells you how much success I have. I would so just ride it out and keep offering and she will be whoever she wants to be dispite us - like all good children

Cath from chunkychooky said...

God!!! Ruby and Busy would dine well together. Busy exists entirely on peanut butter sandwiches- on wholemeal bread only, jalna vanilla yoghurt with or without raspberries- never assume she will or will not want them!!!- bananas, grapes and sometimes apple. This is almost all she eats . At times she can be cajoled into rice or pasta. it drives us crazy!!! i completely sympathise. I give her a multivitamin and fishoil tablet which makes me feel marginally better but apparently it is just a phase but can go for several years!!!
I also don't want to force her to eat anything or make her sit there unitl she has finihsed it. I will not fight or argue with her about food.

PottyMouthMama said...

Oh my goodness she is a divine little creature.

Don't worry about it! Scouty is boycotting yoghurt and will just smear it all over her face. It's so annoying, but we just ignore it. And it's not like Rubes is starving, just ignore it or she'll ham it up even more. She's just asserting her independence and trying out things. What little monkeys we create. xxx

brusselsprouts said...

My Mr 2 only eats chicken, bananas, yoghurt and sultanas (he used to everything)I just make sure he has a vitamin tablet everyday and am hoping to just ride this phase out. I always offer other dishes but with an 11mth old as well I dont have the time or energy to fight about food. I figure what he is eating is quite healthy anyway if a little boring!

Virginia said...

It sounds like she has a relatively healthy diet right now.

I went through this with my daughter (at exactly the same age) and she's not fussy at all now. Which is SO RELIEVING

My husband and I were freaking out that she was going to starve or something, because all she wanted was mac and cheese, apples and the occasional piece of bread. He said that if that's what she wants to eat, then let her eat it. She'll grow tired of it, she's not going to starve, and when she sees us eating all kinds of different stuff, she'll want to join in. Sure enough, it worked.

We just made sure she was at the table with us for every meal. And to talk about how good the food is to each other. And we also discovered that food for her is a very communal thing. She DOES NOT like to eat alone, at all.

You're doing great! I promise.

gret said...

Ah, the toddler diet. This is so familiar to me I thought you were writing it about us! We are at the same point with our 16 month old younster, so I can't say I'm that experienced.

I like you, have been trying hard not to force anything or insist on eating - they are such smart little monkeys that they work out so quickly that this is an area that is important to Mum/Dad and one that they can therefore exert some control over.

So many people have advised me to: hang in there, eat together, let her pick off your plate (cos then she'll try stuff and learn how to eat), not worry if she doesn't eat for what seems like days, and to chill and think about getting a balanced diet over the course of a fortnight rather than a day.

I've had some success with inviting little toy friends to the table - and playing 'lets feed the toys' before each mouthful to make it fun, but she's still picky.

I'm sure you're doing great - she certainly looks very happy & healthy!

Best wishes :o)

Leonie said...

Ah food, nectar of the gods and a source of frustration for many a mum. My maternal health nurse advised checking the diet was healthy over a week or so and if so not to worry too much. My problem wasn't just the being picky though, my first ate like a sparrow. Rubes is looking good, so go with it and as long as her digestion and nappies cope it's all good. Sometimes kids can fill up on milk products and not feel hungry for other things and may get a slowed down system as a result. Other than that, she's normal!!

Amy Paul said...

good times, eh?
Soldier on, mama, soldier on!

Jenny Butler said...

I have no advice due to lack of children. My niece refuses to eat most things however she is the most stubborn 4 year old I've ever met. Surely Ruby isn't as bad? Either way, Ruby gets cuter and cuter every time you post a photo! All those expressions are precious!!