Friday, January 15, 2010


Can I tell you something, I am glad this week is over, it's been shitty-pooper-sircrapsalot.

It's one of those weeks that IF SOMETHING CAN GO WRONG, IT WILL. Sick babies, parking tickets, missing mail, headaches, frustration, so many different things breaking, bad news, a 25 minute tantrum, hiccups and all things ridiculous and WRONG.

For example just today, there is a children's clothing shop that I used to quite like. It's like style. for babies. Ahem. And so I ordered a gift for our niece and nephew and put in their address to send it to as they are in NSW. However, they sent it to me instead, which is useless. And I have a confirmation email with the shipping address clearly listed as the correct address in NSW and the billing address as my address, and yet DESPITE THAT PROOF, WHICH I HAVE PROVIDED TO THEM, they are snippy and insisting that it is not possible. I HAVE PROOF PEOPLE, IN WRITING! WE CAN BOTH SEE IT WITH OUR EYES. PLEASE, PLEASE CONCEDE THAT IT IS FREAKING POSSIBLE OR I WILL EXPLODE.

I will.

explode. Poof. A mess all over the office.

I hate bad customer service, I try and go above/beyond for Georgie Love and I can't understand when shop owners argue with customers. Bad form. The customer is always right - right?


BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? Tonight I am going to see Neko Case with this most lovely lady. And it will sooth my currently spiky soul.

This is my favourite favourite song of hers at the moment, I think Rubes is sick of me singing it in the car.


Miss Kit said...

Neko Neko Neko. I hope Neko makes your week a little less shite. I saw her last night and she does make everything a bit better! But beware, wear as little as possible as the HIfi is a flesh casserole at the mo.

Cindy said...

Glad to see I am not the only one happy to see the ass end of this week! Wasn't it a shocker. Glad we got rid of it early leaves the rest of the month clear for great stuff

Cath from chunkychooky said...

How frustrating!! How annoying!!! Have a good night tonight!

Virginia said...

Seriously, I think it is just this week. It has been a truly shitacular week.

I have LOTS of friends who are having similarly awful weeks. Bleh. Stupid week.

Stupid January.

Mama Mogantosh said...

I'm looking into the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyeesssss of your week and willing it to frick off and leave you alone.

hope it's all better now.

My local post office lost a package that my friend posted me fomr switzerland (dragged her poor pregnant belly out into the snow for and everything..) They lost it in their crazy-old-lady-messy-shop-with-no-system. They got annoyed that I asked them to check again. Then they implied that I probably forged the postmans notification slip anyway.

What the WHAT?

Enjoy the sooooothing mooooooooosic. xx

Fiona said...

Aw, no fair. You are supposed to have happy funtimes in January. Isn't it the rules?

Well, here's to a far cheerier weekend and entire lifetime ahead for you. And a career in MSPaint, I really love it when you do these pictures.

Say hi to Neko for me, mmmkay?

PottyMouthMama said...

what the heck??? i wonder who it is... that is SO DODGY! I hope you whipped their sorry ass.

I wonder how Neko was?