Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Georgie's Looking for Love in 2010

Hola, so I thought I should tell you where I see the gaps for products on Georgie Love, that I would very much like to see more of. I am not looking for EVERYTHING AT ONCE, but please don't be shy about sending me some pics when you have something ready. In particular I am interested in:

Quirky girls, boys and kids clothing
Quirky and well made bags/wallets/purses
Children's things
Homewares - aprons, teatowels, coasters, placemats, etc
Phone and ipod cozies
Paintings, prints etc

I am also thinking about including a small range of handmade soaps, lip balms, teas etc, but I would like to try out a small samples of stock on myself and the family before including on the site. Would happily cover any postage charges.

Now the main things I need to emphasise is that as people are buying things they haven't seen on the site, it needs to be well made - I need it to work as it should and be something you would love to receive yourself! :-)