Monday, January 11, 2010

imperfect Mondays

It's freaking hot! And poor Rubes seems to have a tummy bug, we have prescribed lots of naps and fluids, plus prayers offered up to the gods of good health and hygiene that I don't get vomited on again. Her spirits are otherwise good, just wanting lots of cuddles. We've been sitting under the cooling on the couch reading Peekaboo books. Again and again and again. Tedious for me, the most joyful thing in the universe for her. So we persist.

There is a big sign coming into our suburb today which says "FIRE DANGER AREA. NO UNNECESSARY TRAVEL", which is a little demotivating or deflating, LIKE THANKS SIGN PEOPLE. On days like these I have bags out to pack a few things in if necessary, and take mental notes of where things are and what we need if we need to leave quickly, but I don't think we will come to that.

Why does my local supermarket (Monbulk) sell raspberries from Tasmania, when there are GROWERS 5 MINUTES DOWN THE ROAD IN SILVAN. I refuse to buy IN DISGUST and yet am too lazy to make the drive to the growers in Silvan. I am the biggest loser here.

Finally, I am excited for 2010. This year we are going to move house at some point, which will be GREAT. Plus I only have two resolutions, which I started in 2009 and just plan to carry them over - get to yoga twice a week and read every day.


Amy Paul said...

Good on you for standing your ground! They should be ashamed of themselves.
mmmm. raspberries on pav. that sounds good!

sophiehillartist said...

Ruby is such a doll - best wished for her quick recovery from the under-weather-status!
Oh and p.s. Tasmanian Raspberries are amazing. I suggest you dip them in chocolate and back in the fridge = amazing. Hang on, maybe I'm biased? xx

Virginia said...

Gorgeous shot of Ruby!

I hope she's feeling better soon.