Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's not a problem if you don't act on it, right?

Ok, so I love a good gimmicky shop. I love cute things, smart inventions, gadgets, quirky gifts, etc. LOVE. Now I have insisted that I am not going to buy anything new for 3 months (DrMr says try 1 month and see how you go). Now if not that for CLAUSE, I would be spending 3001 dollars here. Just today. I want to buy everything, I am trying to think what is coming up that I need to SHOP FOR (Valentine's Day, people!)

I want these.



That. And I don't even COOK brownies, but this pan makes me want to eat them.

Also THIS, but I just found that you can get in Australia, so scratch that one off the shopping list.

Obviously, I am not a very complex woman.


Amy Paul said...

I have the quoteable kid book.

My first entry from Baxter reads, "you were patting my belly feeling the baby kick. It went a bit quiet and you said, "baby has gone to sleep" and I said, "yes." Then you said, "or maybe it's gone down to your legs to pay with toys."

Those measuring spoons need to live at my house!

Georgie Love said...

That's HILARIOUS. I love Baxter, he needs his own published book!

Vic said...

I adore the measuring spoons, but that brownie tin is a bit questionable... too 's-bend' shaped for me!

ilovestitches said...

LOVE the measuring spoons... and the quotable kids book...and the dust bunny. My husband was asking when I last dusted and it was quite a while back..I hate it! Maybe if I had a dust bunny, it would motivate me to do more dusting. Yes it would! I'll have to tell my hubster. Oh..why'll probably end up being used by my kids as a hand puppet!

Tina - Melbourne Vintage said...

And you didn't want the dog mustache toy? I mean, COME ON.