Wednesday, January 27, 2010

stuff and stuffiness

Rubes is teething and waking every few hours in the night. She is one of those babies who gets a cold with every tooth that comes through. Which she has passed on to me, so it's a hardcore day of laying on the couch and watching trashy television.

Actually, I am reading two books - ironically as a meat eater, that I will probably get into instead. This new one from Jonathon Safran Foer, which my library (I love the library) ordered especially for me, which after 3 chapters has already made me cry. I am not an enthusiastic meat eater at the best of times and have gone off and on meat for years (and meat made me sick when pregnant), but I think if you do choose to eat - meat or whatever, you should have some idea what goes in the manufacturing process. I have always feel a little weird about feeding Rubes meat and fish, because I have to make that choice for her (and as a family being involved in shaping her values), and what if she is an adult and decides it's not for her - particularly when I am not sure it's for me (it's a bit of a moot point at the moment, since she only wants to live on yoghurt, bread, bananas, apples, bircher muesli (don't ask), cheese and hob nobs). Anyway it's a really thoughtful, surprisingly neutral presentation of the information. Foer is a vegetarian, and the book has his personal choices , stories and struggles in it, but it's not preachy. If you can find a copy, read it and let's have a chat about it, I would love to hear other people's thoughts on it.

The other (library book, obviously) is the Vegan Lunchbox (also a blog I subscribe too) - which I mainly picked up to get some new ideas on healthy lunches and meals I can make for the three of us.

As the primary cook and shopper for the family, I have the power to shape our dietary choices - we always have a fridge full of fruit and vegies, because I am so pro unprocessed food, but these are giving me some fuel for thought and I don't yet know what our final outcome will be.

If I owe you an email (and I probably do) I am sorry for the delay, it's coming! But for now, I am hopping back into bed to rewatch The Big Bang Theory season 1. We love that show.


Virginia said...

I am currently trying to reshape my family's food choices. So far, so good.

The most difficult thing is finding fresh, organic and/or local ingredients. My neighborhood just doesn't have them. And doesn't understand why I would want them.

Doesn't help that I live in a neighborhood full of immigrants, who all want foods from their home countries. Normally, this is a good thing for us. :)

I hope you and Rubes feel better!

Fiona said...

There is nothing on this post I don't like! Wait, the colds and teething. I'm sorry that it's awful fang time in your house - don't you have fang problems too at the moment? BOO and HISS.

I am always up for discussions about BBT and going veg! I always find it hard to know when I'm being preachy about being vegan. I don't want to be preachy, as I was a rabid meat-eater only two years ago and having someone bleat at me wasn't going to help. Still, reading Peter Singer's "The Ethics of What We Eat" actually converted me from lacklustre vegetarian to guilt-frothed vegan. It's a good book. I also have a book called "Becoming Vegan" that I don't really need any more - even if you're not vegan it's got some interesting info and stuff.


kris said...

I am a meat eater as well. I feel it is really important to make good choices... so I prefer to eat from smaller suppliers rather than buy my meat from larger butchers or the supermarket. I have this idea... maybe it is a fantasy... that smaller suppliers have a closer relationship to their animals... resulting in a better life and death for them. I like to get meat from the famer's markets around here.

I do want to read Foer's book. He is an amazing writer. Did you read his September 11 work? I cried and cried like a baby. So beautiful and painful and heart warming all that the same time.