Sunday, February 28, 2010


Ok, I have nothing to report other than cleaning, a cold, a toddler (the pram is for losers apparently, we walk everywhere now k, thx), yoghurt tantrums (STILL!) and um... not sleeping enough. BUT! In Georgie Love news, I am sure I don't have to introduce many of you to the awesomeness of Buttons by Lou Lou, who has joined the Georgie family.

TO celebrate, of course a giveaway! The lucky winner will one of everything. Well almost - a set of hairpins, a set of magnets, a pair of earrings, a set of push pins and sewing buttons - a value of over $70. Hurrah!

To enter, just leave a comment below. For a second entry, please also tell me your favourite (& EASIEST) vegetarian recipe, I need inspiration. Entries close 7 March!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lightbox for swap

Ok, I did a test and I just don't like how photos I take look with a light box, it's plain and natural for me.... so Melbourne folk, I have an A3 sized lightbox that I am happy to swap for something. I don't know what. I have had this box for nearly 4 years and it has barely been used, so it's in awesome condition - but then again, it is 4 years old. So I am not asking for your car or even anything worth more than $50. $40 even. I would like it to go to a good home and would swap it for something handmade, so if it interests you, what do you think?

(ps: I am SUPER busy at the moment and have not a single interest in posting it, so I will have to meet for a swap, happy to visit a market or something, to make it easy!)


Stack of 4 or 5 vintage tea towels of varying cuteness and quality are in an envelope ready to go to the first crafter anywhere (and you have to promise that you will make something with them) that responds with their address to sally(a) People who I have sent tea towels to before are definitely welcome to them too.

I also have a light box here that is barely used over 4 years and in great condition, am going to have a play with it tonight to see if I ever will use it (I have always preferred shooting in natural light, but if I could take photos at night, it would be ultimate joy and bliss), otherwise that will be up for a little Melbourne swap over the next couple of days. I need new cushions, I think.

Giveaway coming up later this week/early next week. You know, depending on stuff.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Step aside Tania Zaetta, there is a new spokeswoman

I have a fairly hideous stomach flu. It really is the 24 hour rapid detox diet, I wonder if I could make any money from it? WOW, LOOK AT ME NOW! I am also getting a cold sore. No Justin, I AM bringing sexy back.
Rubes gave me the bug and hers is lingering too, plus she has a teething related sniffle with it, so she is fairly miserable, but is sleeping loads (14 hours a night!) which is helping with point A.
DrMr is also unwell.

Our house is in theory going to be on the market for sale at the end of this week, depending on points A-C. This is good and we have been planning for it for ages, but there is SO MUCH decluttering and tidying that needs to be done, that it's just ridiculous. We have a couple coming to help us with the garden and windows later this week and I am going to try and get someone I can pay to help us clean. Georgie is maybe going to stay with a friend for a few weeks, as he needs a break from the house of disease, plus he is 90% of what we clean up, so if we get the house cleaned properly, it will be much easier to maintain. I could be wrong, but I think the house will sell quickly - it's a lovely, much loved quirky house and although I have been frustrated and fed up with it for ages, now we will be handing it on, I feel all "awww... it really was a once-in-a-lifetime house". Plus apparently there are virtually no houses on the market in our area, so the real estate agents in our area have been offering us the most ridiculous things to sign up with them.

Anyway, gotta go, my peeps have just turned up for my pity party and I need to go rock out! Laterz.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Congratulations Mama Mogantosh! She is the winner of the Brusselsprouts giveaway - just let me know the size you need for Ivy for the Helga Kitchen Dress! :-D (Oh and an address for it to be delivered! Hooray!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I will have nothing else to write about ever again.

All this blog is going to be about now is the STUFF I MAKE. Things I have never told you #476 Ruby is obsessed with ducks. Seriously, obsessed. I think I HAVE mentioned before that she is also obsessed with peekaboo books (where she can lift a flap and there is something hiding there), and we have two separate peekaboo books which have ducks in them. The last one I bought during the week, she first looked at while in the car and for a FULL 5 MINUTES looked at and expressed squealy joy at a page which has 14 separate rubber duckies on it.

Now for someone who has seriously never sewn before, I have a small fabric collection and I actually have two separate duck fabrics.

So obviously, as I am on a roll, I made this.

Which is getting better , my seams are definitely improving - straighter sewing.

But sadly, the back seam is dodgier.

And on the inside of the polka dot bit, I did this - which fortunately is on the inside, so it still looks ok and unnoticable on the outside.

(ps: Cath - your tip of sides first was a winner) But I broke a needle. And I don't have another. Now I am going to have to wait for Rubes to wake from her nap so we can IMMEDIATELY go to Spotlight and buy some more. NOT THAT I NOW HAVE A NEW EMBARRASING ADDICTION OR ANYTHING. And I keep forgetting to turn the iron off.

In the TOP THREE THINGS IN MY LIFE CAUSING THE MOST GRIEF, March Flies come in at Number Three. TAKE YOUR PLAGUE BACK TO THE BEACH AND AWAY FROM MY SUBURB. In all seriousness, serious seriousness, I am developing a phobia. We used to go for a walk every morning, but after several weeks of being tortured during our walks (it's very hilly so imagine me trundling up a hill with 10 kilos of baby strapped to my belly, me waving my arms like I am having a fit trying to prevent 5 of them from biting us and George (also phobic), running around in circles, barking and snapping at them and knocking us over. We hardly go for walks anymore. They are even everywhere in the backyard, so that is off limits now too. NOT HAPPY. Fortunately we will be in another house before next summer, so they shall not plague us again. Looks like the house will be on the market in the next few weeks.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Skirt in action

Just waking from a nap, she's remarkably relaxed about being forced to model! She is also very excited about her first pair of walking shoes (SHUUEHS! SHUUEHS! was her cry as we put them on), I bought them for $16 at Target this morning, which was a remarkable bargain, considering at the baby shoe shop, shoes were $50 - $80 which is RIDICULOUS when she will only wear them for a few weeks!

Also, that kid is OBSESSED with books.

I Made it Myself, The Georgie Love edition

So, as you know I found a sewing machine in hard rubbish, had it serviced and finally cracked it open today (after buying some cotton and fabric scissors this morning. seriously). I am not an experienced sew-er in the slightest, I had a few sewing lessons sometime in the middle of last year, which I performed unspectacularly at. Now, finally having my own machine, hopefully it will click. I essentially wanted to learn to sew so I could make cute things for Rubes.

It took me about an hour to figure out how to put cotton on the bobbin and thread the machine. The machine DID have a manual with it, but it is so mouldy and stuck together, that I had to rip it apart to get a clue. And then wash my hands. Thoroughly.

Without much further ado, I pushed on and made this skirt for Ruby. I had been thinking about what to make and figured a skirt would be easiest and didn't need a pattern.

the insides were really rough.

The outside even worse! Still, it's a little long on her, but I will still make her wear it. I was feeling proud, I MADE SOMETHING.

Ridiculously buoyant about my success (I need a win at the moment, whatever form it will take) , I had a think about what went wrong with last one and took a LOT more care with my next effort.

I tucked away the fraying edges and sewed as carefully and straightly as I could.

Top and bottom and this is about as straight as I can sew, unfortunately..

But, TADA! Look! I made something! And it's not too bad!!!!

Even the seams match up nicely.

I think Amy (former sewing teacher!) would be pleased to see that I even ironed my seams flat. And neatish. Sort of.

Now I am just showing off (I know I shouldn't have used white thread, but it was already loaded and I only have black or white thread so that was it. It took me SO LONG to get the mechanics sorted the first time, I was too lazy to change). Unfortunately with this one, I decided to finish it off with a Sukie iron-on transfer on the pocket, which instead just became a yucky brown and pink smudge.

IF YOU ARE NOT RIDICULOUSLY IMPRESSED, WE CAN NO LONGER BE FRIENDS. I am actually surprised how therapuetic and calming I found sewing. It was a good use of time. I want to make some tops now, but will have to think about those in my head for a while. Sure, I could use a pattern, but I don't need one, BECAUSE I AM SO EXPERIENCED NOW.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

so much for a hiatus

Too much good stuff. I want this, but can't afford it. Here.

For the single ladies, a gift for Valentine's Day

happier note

emails from crazy people. A whole website.

hello nasty

Oh this week has not been fab, DrMr and I have been dealing with some fairly hideous work stuff going on (not Georgie Love of course, his biggest bugbear is that I am not sharing enough sandwiches with him)*.

BUT in good news, I got the Janome that I found in hard rubbish serviced ($86.50, yep through that brilliant man in Tecoma) who says it's a BRILLIANT machine and is sewing beautifully and I pick it up this afternoon, which I am excited about. I just now need to learn how to use it. Apparently it even has two extra stitches (overlock and feather stitch) which aren't listed on the machine, a quirk of the model. I tried to explain that I understand straight and vaguely zig-zag, so these are wasted on me, but he has done like a sample stitchy sheet thing for my viewing pleasure.

And FINALLY, I am drawing the winner of the BRUSSELSPROUTS giveaway on Monday, so if you haven't entered yet and you would like to win a piece of your choice (in the size of your choice, obviously!) then get to it!

Oh I need to take a photo of what I have been making in my slightly underwhelming ceramics class But reason I love DrMr #45567 - I showed him some ceramic ducks I made by hand for Rubes (who is OBSESSED with ducks) and he admired them and said very seriously "they look great, THEY LOOK LIKE THEY MUST HAVE BEEN VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE". Hahahahahahaah, no, but I love the enthusiasm and support, even if my duckies are a little lame.

(* note: we are ok, we are both still employed, we are just forced to deal with some unpleasant issues which are never fun, but all too common in the workplace. But I may be taking a little bloggy break to look after my family)

Friday, February 05, 2010

The Owls Are Hunting

New lamps from The Owls are Hunting on Georgie Love and I LOVE them. 10 different colourways and designs. I am planning on getting the above for myself, once we settle down and figure out what we are doing this year. We are moving... somewhere. Not sure where yet.

I am sick of clutter and am tempted to charge $10 or $20 postage for a mystery box of stuff froom my house. Just to reduce the clutter. Nice stuff, vintage stuff, useful stuff... whatever. I am just too packed in at the moment, ack.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Love Love Splat

I LOVE these prints from Cat-Rabbit - infact, I have the one above myself. I am planning on buying all three and framing them in a quirky triptych. Maybe in our bedroom above the bed.

It's rainy here and a MASSIVE branch just missed crushing my car by LITERALLY millimetres. I have to wait for the rain to stop so we can move it to see if the leaves and little branches scratched it or not. My teeth hurt. Shut up about the dentist, I will get there, ok? Meh.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Brusselsprouts Giveaway!

Ok, have you seen the ADORABLE little kid clothes from Brusselsprouts? SUPER CUTE, right? Anyway, we are super chuffed to now stock them on Georgie Love and we want to SPREAD THE WORD. Blog your favourite with a link back to Georgie Love to win your favourite piece from the range (put a link to your post in comments!) Entries close 15 Feb, so get blogging for your chance to score one of these lovely pieces!

(& if you like the summer range, wait till you see the winter range, oh lordy! We are just warming up here)

Also new on Georgie Love - Frankie and Ray scarves in time (early) for winter or travellers! New gadget and glasses pouches from Curly Pops. Oh just check out everything new HERE.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Winners! tells me that the winner of the gorgeous Red Poppy Accessories giveaway is:

From Blogland entry 31 MISS KIT
From Twitter: Lady Lost, who also has a blog (who, FUNNILY ENOUGH, random selected her as the winner in both the blog and twitter accounts, so I redrew again in the sake of fairness). Lady Lost, the universe is LOVING you right now, so buy a lottery ticket!

Ladies, if you can please confirm which pieces take your fancy and send me your address, they will be on their way to you soon.

Another giveaway coming very soon - stay tuned!