Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Brusselsprouts Giveaway!

Ok, have you seen the ADORABLE little kid clothes from Brusselsprouts? SUPER CUTE, right? Anyway, we are super chuffed to now stock them on Georgie Love and we want to SPREAD THE WORD. Blog your favourite with a link back to Georgie Love to win your favourite piece from the range (put a link to your post in comments!) Entries close 15 Feb, so get blogging for your chance to score one of these lovely pieces!

(& if you like the summer range, wait till you see the winter range, oh lordy! We are just warming up here)

Also new on Georgie Love - Frankie and Ray scarves in time (early) for winter or travellers! New gadget and glasses pouches from Curly Pops. Oh just check out everything new HERE.


Angela said...

I love the little boys Cowboy lounge pants, I've blogged about them on my blog here :D

Mama Mogantosh said...

Posted! I want that kitchen dress for pre-school. xx

Levina said...

I dont have a blog but I love the peacock slip. Great stuff

Melissa said...

I love the cowpoke pants and I have blogged about them here:

CurlyPops said...

Oooooh I need a pair of cowboy pants for myself, they're fab!

Fiona said...

It is a Known Fact that I dig birds on things - not real birds, they're all swoopy and poopy - but pictures, oh, I love them. The peacock dress is the cutest thing that ever existed, as I explain here:

Now if I decide to buy it I can just tell Chris, "Oh, I won it, lucky me!" Haha, I am a genius.

amelieandatticus said...

I am in love with the Peacock Dress you blogged about today...I would love to supersize it but I guess I will have to live in envy of seeing my daughter wear it if I win!

Trove said...


i do hope you're OK miss sal? (and WELL FRICKIN DONE on the sewing - i can only dream of taking up the sewing)

aaanyways. the peacock dress is too too cute to risk not winning it in a giveaway. so i did the blog on it:

if i don't win, i will be buying it for isy's first birthday. (i know! she's one!)

(i hope i'm not too late btw. if so, i will just buy the dress!)