Sunday, February 14, 2010

I will have nothing else to write about ever again.

All this blog is going to be about now is the STUFF I MAKE. Things I have never told you #476 Ruby is obsessed with ducks. Seriously, obsessed. I think I HAVE mentioned before that she is also obsessed with peekaboo books (where she can lift a flap and there is something hiding there), and we have two separate peekaboo books which have ducks in them. The last one I bought during the week, she first looked at while in the car and for a FULL 5 MINUTES looked at and expressed squealy joy at a page which has 14 separate rubber duckies on it.

Now for someone who has seriously never sewn before, I have a small fabric collection and I actually have two separate duck fabrics.

So obviously, as I am on a roll, I made this.

Which is getting better , my seams are definitely improving - straighter sewing.

But sadly, the back seam is dodgier.

And on the inside of the polka dot bit, I did this - which fortunately is on the inside, so it still looks ok and unnoticable on the outside.

(ps: Cath - your tip of sides first was a winner) But I broke a needle. And I don't have another. Now I am going to have to wait for Rubes to wake from her nap so we can IMMEDIATELY go to Spotlight and buy some more. NOT THAT I NOW HAVE A NEW EMBARRASING ADDICTION OR ANYTHING. And I keep forgetting to turn the iron off.

In the TOP THREE THINGS IN MY LIFE CAUSING THE MOST GRIEF, March Flies come in at Number Three. TAKE YOUR PLAGUE BACK TO THE BEACH AND AWAY FROM MY SUBURB. In all seriousness, serious seriousness, I am developing a phobia. We used to go for a walk every morning, but after several weeks of being tortured during our walks (it's very hilly so imagine me trundling up a hill with 10 kilos of baby strapped to my belly, me waving my arms like I am having a fit trying to prevent 5 of them from biting us and George (also phobic), running around in circles, barking and snapping at them and knocking us over. We hardly go for walks anymore. They are even everywhere in the backyard, so that is off limits now too. NOT HAPPY. Fortunately we will be in another house before next summer, so they shall not plague us again. Looks like the house will be on the market in the next few weeks.



Melbourne Vintage said...

YAY you caught the sewing bug!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

Mama Mogantosh said...

Sally, this skirt is absolutely gorgeous. And you're improving so quickly!! I must give skirts a try. Small girls, winter, tights, skirts, boots....sweet sweetness. Excellent, excellent job.

Georgie Love said...

Mama Mog, I am NOT a sew-er and seriosuly this is the first time I have properly tried since I was frightened off sewing in year 8 at school, but skirts appear to be ridiculously easy. No pattern required.

I bought Rubes 5 pairs of tights today here : - where I get my tights, 51 colours! SO AWESOME. I jsut got pairs that would match anything I made, that is all she will be wearing EVER. AGAIN. :-)

And thank you!!!

gret said...

Hilarious! Because my 18 month old has exactly the same obsession! Have you seen the book "Hello is that Grandma?". It's got more than a duck in it, plus flaps, but a fun book - my little one is so addicted to it. Love your new skirts too!

Fiona said...

Haha, year eight sewing frightened me off too. We all made library bags, I did some incorrect measurements, mine said, "FION". I was also made to hem my own school dress by my unsympathetic mother and thereafter had the shortest dress in school due to the proliferation of mistakes.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Sally!!! OH MY GOD!!! have you read the profile on my blog in the top left hand corner. Miss Nash, year 8 sewing teacher scared me from sewing for 20 YEARS!!!

try this order:
cut squares, sew up both sides then the top hem where the elastic goes, then the bottom hem.

I am so excited for you! I really am- this is so great!! Its like watching a whole nw world open up for someone. xx

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

... and I am with Mamamogantosh- skirts, tights and boots are a winner for little girls.

Jessi said...

oh my goodness, your last couple of post have made me giggle so much! Not because of your sewing, but because it reminds me SOOOOO much of how i started off. Luckily you have a daughter to gift to, I have boys, so I gifted through my blog and to friend's daughters. NOW I am embarrassed that they accepted them! You will see the more you sew, the better you will get it and it happens so quickly!!!


Oh and yes I use to chew through needles ALOT. Sometimes a pack a day, as I was so rough and ready and wanting the end result NOW!

Anyway.. lovely skirts and thanks for the giggles!

Posie Patchwork said...

Great sewing, it's all in the inclination & passion. Love the ducks & dots, really cute, love Posie

melissa said...

So cute!

hehe - I loved year 8 sewing. I think I was the teacher's pet - I made a quilt! lol

Still, I didn't sew again for years.

Penny said...

The skirt is so cute! Get the sharp needles, they are the best. And buy 10 packs. I break them all the time.

Veronica Darling... said...

This is getting CRAZY, you're going to Spotlight?!

I may have imagined where you live in Victoria, but go to your local opshops and look in the haberdash area (you'll find trims, lace, ribbons and gorgie little pieces of vintage fabric that will be perfect size for skirts) because if I think it's where I think it is you may have loads of granny destash at your local ones.

And thanks for am going there now.

Sarah said...

ohhh I love that duck fabric - so cute!

WOW you have caught on to this... now you are officially addicted (sorry I know you wanted to avoid that diagnosis) : o )

PottyMouthMama said...

Excuse me lady, but those skirts are ridiculously super cute. I mean, seriously cute. All you have to do is get Rubes to keep rotating around and around so no one will see that seam. I mean that can't be too hard, can it (the rotating Rubes part that is).
Just how cute is that fabric? It's fabriculous. x