Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lightbox for swap

Ok, I did a test and I just don't like how photos I take look with a light box, it's plain and natural for me.... so Melbourne folk, I have an A3 sized lightbox that I am happy to swap for something. I don't know what. I have had this box for nearly 4 years and it has barely been used, so it's in awesome condition - but then again, it is 4 years old. So I am not asking for your car or even anything worth more than $50. $40 even. I would like it to go to a good home and would swap it for something handmade, so if it interests you, what do you think?

(ps: I am SUPER busy at the moment and have not a single interest in posting it, so I will have to meet for a swap, happy to visit a market or something, to make it easy!)


Market Girl said...

Oh I have a friend that would love this. I will let her know.

sophiehillartist said...

Oh man... so tempted... but I have no means of getting to you... unless I flew over?! lol!

Fiona said...


I can offer...uh...dvds...uh...cupcakes, cookies, books, Simpsons figurines, or if it is completely useless, this thing called cash?

And/or I will take you out for a movie/fancy lunch/whatever you like.

Sarah Jane said...

Hell yes! This would be so handy for uni.

I am not sure what i can swap? I can make you some funky cushion covers and bake you a big yummy cake?

But hey, i think Fiona has the best deal going!


penny said...

i spend numerous evenings watching my daughter doing her vce textiles or vis com projects with a glass shelf balanced across her knees with a small desk lamp pointing up from underneath. What a surprise a proper light box would be! I could offer you our secret apple and pecan cake recipe with butterscotch topping (have never never parted with that one) or good old fashioned cash

tempted aren't you . . yes it's the butterscotch topping that's the clincker

Mama Mogantosh said...

Beautiful, adorable, sweet little dress in the mail for Ivy-Cakes. Thanks so much Sal, it will be well loved. xxx

Vanessa said...

Has this gone????