Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the difference a good photographer makes

So DrMr, Rubester and I live in a quirky house. We have loved it, but it's too small for us now and we need a change, so we are selling it. You know all of this, right? Anyway, it's been on the market for nearly a month and in that time we have only had THREE inspections. The Real Estate Agents took the photos themselves, they looked terrible and after pushing for them we finally got the professional photos taken, what a freaking difference:







Maybe people will now come and see our house, which is odd and not for everyone, but it is a cute and cosy place in the middle of a forest. It is a happy house which has been much loved by everyone who has ever lived there. Fingers crossed. Still more cleaning. BECAUSE, I LOVE IT.


Cath @ chunkychooky said...

it looks great in the after pics- a lot more spacious... good luck with it all- maybe this will be the thing that sells it!

Kirsty said...

I vote yes for professional photography. It makes a massive difference.

Just so you know...if we do get 1.3 I'll be beside myself happy! x

Bee the Comics Widow said...

I love your house! We live in an old building above a bookstore so I understand quirky. Wouldn't have it any other way :) Hope it sells soon!

PottyMouthMama said...

It looks fabulous. In the afer shots. What the fug were they thinking??? So much better, well done for getting them across the line. In David Grey's words: sell, sell, sell.

kris said...

It looks great! What a cute place! Can I suggest sending a dummy buyer for an inspection so you can suss out what the agents are saying...?

The first rule of real estate is agents are lazy... (well... at least in Canberra...)

riverside photographer said...

What a lovely house!!!Really looking great..just like a dream house of mine.......One thing i must be appreciated the way of photography....Fabulous dear!!!

Vanessa said...

I'm selling at the moment as well. On the first inspection the house was spotless, not a speak of dust, but as the weeks move on I'm becoming less and less motivated to keep it clean. Very soon someone will come to look at it and I will be lying on the couch in my pyjamas eating a jar of nutella while the kids are drawing on the wall and I won't care!!