Monday, March 15, 2010

Georgie Love's 1000 vegetable quesadilla recipe

So, I have definitely been appreciative of all the Veg recipes shared with me recently and have used more than one so far - I am going to try most of them, I think. I wanted to share you my SUPER EASY and MEGA healthy quesadilla recipe which everyone here in the family eats, which is a rare thing.

Step 1 - using any or all vegies in your fridge, grate them all together (I use the grating tool on my food processor and it takes no time at all, such a brilliant invention). I made these last night and grated together: onion, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, mushroom, spinach, corn and a can of 5 bean mix

Step 2 - in a large pan with a little oil and garlic, stir and stir until soft

Step 3 - on a wholegrain tortilla spread a layer of avocado and then a layer of refried beans. This is all I have, but DrMr adds Sweet Chili Sauce here, or you could easily put a mild or spicy salsa which would work brilliantly.

Step 4 - sprinkle some grated cheese on top and on half of the tortilla spoon and spread the vegie mixture, with some more cheese on top of that half if it takes your fancy

Step 5 - in a frying pan, heat a little oil on a medium heat

Step 6 - fold one side of the tortilla over so it's a half circle and put in pan, until it's golden brown on one side, flip it and brown the other.

Step 6 - Serve and eat, it's really delicious. We serve it with a dollop of sour cream to dip it in, but you could have salsa, guacamole or nothing. It's really, really tasty, super easy SO HEALTHY with a million hidden vegetables that just look like an unidentifiable mush for vegie haters out there. I usually make one each extra for lunch the next day, it's still good cold or reheated.

We usually have a pan full of vegie mix left over at the end, so what I will do tonight is reheat it with some basil pesto and spiral pasta and serve that as the second super easy dish from it, which is another one that everyone likes. Yum!

(ps; it's usually eaten before I can photograph it, so I used that photo from here)

(pps: we need some good vibes on our house for sale, which is such a tedious thing and our agent is giving us the shits and we think we might have chosen the wrong people to represent us. :-( Will trade you good vibes if you comment below what good vibes I can send you!)

(ppps: seriously, time to put some sunscreen on and enjoy the sunshine. Do it!)


Penny said...

Yay for food that hides vegetables! Lots of good vibes for you and your naughty agent - I have good vibes a plenty today, but if you'd like you can send me back vibes that I get off my bottom and do some work?

Actually, I'm turning off my computer right now.

Good luck!

frankie and ray said...

Oh, just in time. I need good vibes to banish a cold just coming on. Bah to colds in hot weather. Concentrating all my vibe sending ability to your place and all those house hunters out there!

Mama Mogantosh said...

Me too Penny, in

That vege ques. recipe rocks, Sally. So you grate all the veges uncooked- the potato and everything?

It's on my list.

Georgie Love said...

MamaMog, definitely uncooked and then you pan fry all together until soft. For Rubes I cut it into finger sized slices and she eats it, which is of course miraculous.

Georgie Love said...

and good vibes all around!

Thereisabuttonmissing said...

You should invest in Martha Goes Green. The bestest, easiest, yummyiest vegetarian cookbook. You will not be disappointed.

nineteen toes said...

Sending lots of good house sale vibes in return for good vibes that may help me want to eat food like your quesadilla again... one day. I haven't eaten any veges in 7 weeks! (and it's lucky I wasn't at all skinny to start with - I've been relying on those 'reserves'!)

I've made the 12 week mark now :)

cp xx

Virginia said...

Sending LOTS of good vibes your way about the house.

And thank you for the veggie quesadilla recipe. I think that is totally fair trade for the good vibes. :)

Lark said...

Thanks for this - dinner is sorted for tonight! Can;'t wait to taste it. Oh, I agree about Martha Goes Green, it's the best book. x

sinnlighet said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds