Monday, March 08, 2010


Wow, the LouLou givaway was our BIGGEST ever with a final entry count of 131 (and counting, a rush of late entries from the US), but tells me that the winner is number 14 - FIONA.

Congratulations! Fiona please make an order on Georgie Love with the buttons you want (select bank transfer for payment and obviously - don't pay) and I will get these out to you QUICK SMART. Hooray!

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time out to enter AND send me recipes, I have seriously been using them and getting my cooking mojo on, which is awesome. Of course, stay tuned as there will be more giveaways soon. YAY! And lordy, there could even a normal blog entry too. WHO CAN BELIEVE IT.


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Great to see so many entries. Congratulations Fiona. I hope you enjoy choosing your prize! Thanks Sally for the lovely giveaway.

Fiona said...


Fiona said...


isabella said...

Cheers for the informative article - I enjoyed reading it! I always love reading this blog.

Michelle Walker said...

Oh my!!! I feel the same way about the 5.30 spot for the night little girl- 20 months- gets off on the show too..and is the perfect time for me to work on cooking tea.
But i do have issues with the pashing happening between all the characters...some sort of Melrose place thing going on there...i have many more comments to make on the show...too big for a comment on a blog.