Friday, April 30, 2010

For all my pregnant ladiez.

Have a good weekend! I got your back here, and the low down on how to razzle dazzle your vajazzle.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You only have 2 days left to enter our most recent giveaway, and it's tops.

In other things, I have nearly convinced DrMr that:
I need a new computer
I need a new camera
I need a new bag
I need to be a lady with a tattooed sleeve
I need a cup of tea
I need a holiday

It's been SUPER BUSY (as usual) but at my 3-day-a-week university job, I am covering someone on long service leave and it's busy. Do you ever get mental-space tired? I get less physically tired and more Icannotfitanotherthinginmyheadoritwillexplodetired. That's how I feel, if you look in my brain in the evening, all you will see is a test pattern.

and a zzzztttt staticy noise.

DrMr is the same, so we spend most evenings watching TRASH TELEVISION (seriously, nothing is too low brow for us) and at the moment we are heartily involved with old seasons of ROCK OF LOVE, which now makes me sad that Bret Michaels is unwell. I was never even a fan. Ahhh. To impress DrMr, I make my best pouty/stare into the distance.

In other super important news, my favourite blog at the moment is HOW ABOUT ORANGE, full of v. important life skills like money origami, toilet paper origami and even how to make your own deodorant. It's genuinely crafty and useful (I have just picked out the things I found the funniest) and is making me most happy this week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

More of the same (i.e. a GIVEAWAY for YOU)

You guys are awesome, thank you. This awkward hug is for all of you. Just because.

I did a googie search for "awkward bear hug" and it was less satisfying than I hoped. But now I am waiting for an opportunity to use this picture:

Sally, there are no dumplings left for lunch:

Sally, Ruby drew on your immaculate white mac keyboard with purple crayon (true story):

You get the idea.

I also wanted to tell you the details of Georgie Love's NEW GIVEAWAY (one of many to come at the moment, phew). There is BEAUTIFUL new jewellery on Georgie Love from Velveteen Jewellery Design. Pick your favourite piece from the entire Velveteen range, blog or tweet it before 30/04/10 (with a link so I can see!) and IT SHALL BE YOURS. Well, possibly, IF THE FATES ALLOW me to pick your name out of a hat, and I am sorry to say that I don't have an inside deal with the fates, because if I did then I would probably be FAR more successful, RICH and BETTER DRESSED than I am now. Today I look like I pulled clothes out of a random hobo bin and put them on, thus is the pitfall of getting dressed in the dark.

I have a headcold (THANKS GERMY BABY) and I can barely hold my head up, let alone make sense.


(ps: I got an offer to receive and review or giveaway a free rug on the blog, which I found quite odd. Would you accept something just because it was free, or would you turn it down because it was completely random and probably irrelevant to handmade fans and people who hang out with this blog?

ADVERTISERS TAKE NOTE things I will happily review, yep:
1. cookies
2. shoes (size 9 pls)
3. chocolates
4. doggy treats and accessories
5. new Mac computers
6. A big new car
7. cupcakes
8. super-cool kids clothing
9. super-cool lady clothing
10. cups of tea

(pps: I turned it down)

(edited to say - yes you can tweet and blog your choices for a double entry!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

this is photobomb

I just wanted to tell you that this is my favourite blog at the moment. Heavy on the ha-ha for me.


The house is sold! Well, subject to all those conditions and things, but we got the price we wanted, settlement length we wanted (90 days for us, 60 would have been INSANE) and it was easy. So yay. Now we are kicking back, Rubes is asleep, DrMr has busted out the playstation and is playing old games (it's the first time I have seen him use it in 4 years, to be perfectly honest) and I am eating reduced price cadbury mini eggs and throwing the foils on the floor with reckless abandon. Everyone picks their own way to celebrate.

It's also only taken 24 hours for the house to descend into disrepair again. I just tried to find a pick of "letting it all hang out", which was well... just wrong.

(finally, thank you all for the kind, kind words and support. It helps and I do love you for it!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

So. Today is Georgie Love's 4th birthday, officially. And all I feel is tired and blah today. I would say officially, I am underwhelmed.

I haven't talked about this too much in the blog, but we've all had a really tough year so far in 2010. I am just a kind of "get on with it" person and just push through, but DrMr had some godawful (and continuing) work dramas involving a bully that has made us rethink our plans for the next couple of years and things are still up in the air and unresolved. He has had a stress-related illness from it all. I don't like talking about all this sort of stuff. DrMr says it's a miracle we ever got together as I am a) appalling on the phone, which is a lifeline between new couples and b) very early on I once stated that I didn't want to talk about the past... or the future, or heck - even the present. So alas, my otherwise adorable nature how to WORK DOUBLE TIME to convince him to invest some time in me. And hey, I won!

So, all that with the house, working, family, GL. I am TIRED and I know I will regret in a few months, not doing more to celebrate a monumental milestone (did you know Georgie Love was Australia's first handmade webstore?), but for now I just want a goddamn nap. And a cup of tea. And a big jar of Nutella with a clean spoon.

But in GOOD news, we got an offer on the house on Saturday, but we don't yet know what it is. They are anticipating 1, maybe 2 more offers today and will present them all to us when they have them. I feel remarkably relaxed about it and not at all DESPERATE TO KNOW, which is odd for me. I hate surprises. I think because once we accept that offer we have the reality of needing to find somewhere else to live, but first we have to decide where we want to live. Maybe not Melbourne for now, we would love a fresh start somewhere new, we obviously need to make some decisions... and well, find jobs elsewhere.

Other things - we've started this. Rubes is only 17 months, so for now we are only sitting on the potty (it plays music), sometimes with pants on, sometimes not which is a fun thing for her as it leads to MEGA APPLAUSE. We are watching mum and dad on the toilet (mostly Mum, Dad is shy) and waving bye-bye to the wees as they flush away. She is FASCINATED and will tell me as soon as she has done poo so she is becoming aware of it. We won't try anything else until 18 months, so we are just getting used to it all now - very, very relaxed and slow.

She is becoming AWESOME to put to bed, she asks for her bottle (we will move to sippy cup once we move and things settle down), picks up her grobag and hands it to us to put on and then points upstairs when she wants to go to bed. We ask her "Do you want to go to bed Ruby?" she does and emphatic nod and then says Nigh-nigh, blows kisses and goes to bed. Easy. Sorry, but it's a delight.

FINALLY, if you have read this far, there IS something good in it for you. To celebrate birthday 4, if you place an order between now and the end of April you could win a $100 voucher. AND if you use the code birfday, you will get a whole 15% off your entire order. YAY!


I totally forgot to draw this over the weekend, but, tells me that number 3 - Jodes is the winner!

Jodes, if you could please send me your address, the Cherry Blossom Coasters will be on their way to you!


Friday, April 09, 2010

Gem Sweaters are not just for the large and in-charge

I have blogged before (TWICE!) about how much I love Leslie Hall and in particular her Craft Talk video/song (and the gem sweater collection). It's so tops. And I am going to just link it and link it and link it until you concede, watch it and tell me how funny it is. Or not, you could also turn your computer off, go make a cup of tea and eat a packet of hobnobs. Or so could I.

But so is this. So are all of her videos. Ah. Silly happy. I like a Friday afternoon.

(in other news, there are rumours flying that someone will be making an offer on the house tomorrow, hooray! In other other news, I unsubscribed from all the blogs I read that give me the shits and make me feel inadequate. Huzzah! Gal Pal PMM nominated me to do one of those 7 things people don't know about me, but I can't think of anything at the moment as I think I am possibly high from ALDI branded cleaning spray)

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I m really, really pleased to welcome back OddsnBlobs to Georgie Love who had a big break, a beautiful baby boy and now is back with her cute, wonderfully made and affordable pieces to brighten your day.

Have a look at Jessica's range on Georgie Love, comment with your favourite and it could be yours! Entries close Saturday 10/4/10 at 11:59PM.

more of the same

Hey, I meant to say this, you know "before" Easter was over, but now it is... ummm.. . HAVE A WONDERFUL AND CHOCOLATEY EASTER BREAK. Nah, seriously, I hope you had a lovely and relaxing break. Our household had Japanese-inspired food poisoning on Sat/Sunday which was wonderful. One of us smashed an 18 year no-vomit streak and the other pooped their pants a little waiting to use the only toilet in the house. Good times. Glad to share. We are laying way low on the sushi for now (and it says something about the place if the vegetarian dishes made me sick too).

Rubes avoided it as she is teething like a mofo (she has about 5 coming through) and refuses to eat much of anything at the moment and at least 20 times a day I get a little tug on me "Mummee? Bottle?". We're all good now, but we have all been tanking up on some hearty, delicious and plain vegie and lentil soup.

So that was my Easter. We did manage to eat some eggs, drink tea and eat mint slices with the neighbours and have a few walks and plays in the park. Oh and our REal Estate Agents were trying to convince us NOT to have an inspection on Saturday morning, but we did anyway and had 7 groups through, including 2 second inspections, which is AWESOME (16 different inspections in a week), now we just need some to BUY it.

Oh and the police returned my empty wallet, so at least I got some cards and stuff back. THANK YOU ALL for your support and kind words. Man, things have got to look up soon.