Wednesday, April 28, 2010


You only have 2 days left to enter our most recent giveaway, and it's tops.

In other things, I have nearly convinced DrMr that:
I need a new computer
I need a new camera
I need a new bag
I need to be a lady with a tattooed sleeve
I need a cup of tea
I need a holiday

It's been SUPER BUSY (as usual) but at my 3-day-a-week university job, I am covering someone on long service leave and it's busy. Do you ever get mental-space tired? I get less physically tired and more Icannotfitanotherthinginmyheadoritwillexplodetired. That's how I feel, if you look in my brain in the evening, all you will see is a test pattern.

and a zzzztttt staticy noise.

DrMr is the same, so we spend most evenings watching TRASH TELEVISION (seriously, nothing is too low brow for us) and at the moment we are heartily involved with old seasons of ROCK OF LOVE, which now makes me sad that Bret Michaels is unwell. I was never even a fan. Ahhh. To impress DrMr, I make my best pouty/stare into the distance.

In other super important news, my favourite blog at the moment is HOW ABOUT ORANGE, full of v. important life skills like money origami, toilet paper origami and even how to make your own deodorant. It's genuinely crafty and useful (I have just picked out the things I found the funniest) and is making me most happy this week.


CurlyPops said...

Rock of Love was one of the worst reality shows of all time, but I still felt compelled to watch... car crash tv!
Watching trash is definitely the best cure for a Icannotfitanotherthinginmyheadoritwillexplodetired brain!