Wednesday, April 07, 2010

more of the same

Hey, I meant to say this, you know "before" Easter was over, but now it is... ummm.. . HAVE A WONDERFUL AND CHOCOLATEY EASTER BREAK. Nah, seriously, I hope you had a lovely and relaxing break. Our household had Japanese-inspired food poisoning on Sat/Sunday which was wonderful. One of us smashed an 18 year no-vomit streak and the other pooped their pants a little waiting to use the only toilet in the house. Good times. Glad to share. We are laying way low on the sushi for now (and it says something about the place if the vegetarian dishes made me sick too).

Rubes avoided it as she is teething like a mofo (she has about 5 coming through) and refuses to eat much of anything at the moment and at least 20 times a day I get a little tug on me "Mummee? Bottle?". We're all good now, but we have all been tanking up on some hearty, delicious and plain vegie and lentil soup.

So that was my Easter. We did manage to eat some eggs, drink tea and eat mint slices with the neighbours and have a few walks and plays in the park. Oh and our REal Estate Agents were trying to convince us NOT to have an inspection on Saturday morning, but we did anyway and had 7 groups through, including 2 second inspections, which is AWESOME (16 different inspections in a week), now we just need some to BUY it.

Oh and the police returned my empty wallet, so at least I got some cards and stuff back. THANK YOU ALL for your support and kind words. Man, things have got to look up soon.


Polka Dot Rabbit said...

awww sounds painful, hoping it wasn't a certain japanese restaurant that gave me food poisoning and a heavy dose of msg allergies!

Megan said...

oh no! next week has gotta be a very very good one after your last few! lets hope the goodness involved a house and a sale sign. 18 years of no spewing is a fantastic record, gonna take a while to build that up again!

MeAndBoo said...

Food poisoning sucks - I have had it twice from vegie pasties, which surprised me. One came on during a Radiohead gig and I spent most of it in the toilets, feeling very embarrassed coz people probably thought I was wasted. Or maybe that's cool? I'm confused. Anyway, glad to hear you at least got the wallet back, even if it was empty. What a pond scum muncher.

m.e (Cathie) said...

ohh no, surely things will look up for you soon!
at least you got all your cards back, but i hope he does get his 'bits' bitten off :)