Monday, May 31, 2010


Ok, so I have been so revoltingly sick, I am now nearly fully deaf in one ear and have much diminished hearing in the other, but I am finally feeling better.  Well I imagine I am still more than a little short tempered, but I am trying.  Yes I am.  I AM OK?  SO shut up.  We have had a flurry of interest in the house since being back on the market, and despite CLEANING being the most HORRIBLE thing to face when you feel sick, it's satisfying and hope-inducing that interest is still good.  Our agent called us this morning and said that we were definitely getting two offers in today (A BIDDING WAR HAS BEEN OUR DREAM) and there is still another inspection this afternoon, so who knows - maybe we will get more than the original and failed offer.  A greedy girl can dream, right?

Meanwhile, parenting is totally kicking me in the face at the moment.  Rubes is just hard to get along with, everything is drama and naughtiness.  For example she will wake up in the morning and call "MUMMY! MUMMY! MUMMY!" until I get up and I go in to her room and as soon as I walk in, she pretends I am not there and has a conversation with her doll Pia instead.  I say to her, "good morning, do you want to get up?" She either ignores me and pretends I am not there or says "No".  So I say ok and go back to bed, but as soon as I make motions to leave the room, hysteria and tears set in, but the same thing happens when I turn around and go back in.  If I try and pick her up, she kicks like a banshee, wails and cries.  So, I say, ok, you play in your cot, Mummy is going to lie on the floor with a pillow and go back to sleep, just let me know when you want to go downstairs for breakfast and she will then stand up in her cot and throw everything from her cot at my head.  I usually get sick of it all, so fish her out of bed with much drama and tears, until the temptation of something downstairs settles the tears.  It goes ON. LIKE. THIS. ALL. DAY.

While we are here, I also wanted to share with you my MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TIPS for cleaning up milk vomit splatter-sprayed over the carpet:

1. Wool mix is GREAT for cleaning, it cleans really well, is gentle on the carpet and the eucalyptus smell covers the underlying stench of vomit.

2. Did you know that the gag reflex is surpressed when you smile?  I am quite serious.  While you are picking up chunks, GRIN as you do it, because it will remove the need to sympathy chuck.

3. Remember you DO need to wash any chunks from clothing before putting in the washing machine, or else you will be scooping that pulp from the bottom of your machine.

In some good news, it's hard rubbish week in our suburb and I have been on the lookout.  I MISSED out on a male mannequin sitting across the road (I was going to call him Manny), but I am alert and am going to get in to the good stuff early.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

sick as a dog

seriously.  So SICK.  WORST COLD EVER.  I have resorted to drinking a little wine this evening as it's the only thing putting me to sleep and numbing the aches (yes, shhhh short term relief for long term misery).  I have a new staff member starting tomorrow and have to go in to the Uni office, or else there will be nothing for them to do.  Even if I turn up, throw some work at them and come back to bed.  THANKS RUBY, GERMIEST CHILD IN THE UNIVERSE.  I took a week off work last week to look after her (worst cold ever) and now I NEED SOME TIME HOME FOR ME.  DrMr is now juggling two whingey high-needs ladies.

ALSO, the house sale fell through, which due to the number of finance-related extensions, was not a surprise, but I am having HOUSE CLEANING anxiety for the first OFI again next weekend.  Poo poo wees plops and all the other child-friendly expletives.

This looks good for Melbourne dog lovers.  I am thinking of going in so much I can think of doing anything other than cry, sneeze or complain at the moment.

Hope your weekend was jollier!  My child is now occupying herself by throwing random objects down the stairs.  Thank goodness she is doing something other than wipe her nose on my shoulder.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

kiddy crafty stuff

Rubes loves drawing and spends a lot of time during the day either using her chalk and chalk board (she loves drawing WITH people, so this is often a joint activity with either mum or dad), on paper with crayons or pastels, or we do a combo with stickers and crayons - we have just piles and piles of things she has done, because I can't bare to throw any out.  I want to start thinking of some tactile things she can play with, I am not sure how she would go with playdough, but we will see.

I don't like getting the cheapest stuff to play with, the mid range priced stuff definitely lasts longer, is safer, colours are more vibrant and really, is probably less expensive in the long run as you will get your monies worth.

We bought watercolour painting stuff last week at Officeworks and we bought Micador branded stuff, and I LOVE it - I was hesitant about getting the 18 different colour box (about $14 I think?? although does she really need 18 different colours at 18 months? DrMr says yes).  Anyway, it's been the bomb - you only need a tiny bit to get a good colour wash (and depending on how much water you add, will depend on the depth of colour), even the paint pigment washes off skin and clothes with soap and water and I think it's Australian made/owned.  Also, Rubes had some in her mouth and Georgie drank some paint water and both are perfectly healthy, so it's verified as non-toxic.

 We modified it a bit, it suggests dipping it in the paint, then water and then on to the canvas - too tricky for Rubes, so we just mix water and paint in the pallet and away we go.  The brushes have been a bit ordinary and losing their shape quickly, but for about $4 for 4, I should keep low expectations.  (ps: this is not any kind of paid advertisement)

(ps: I am sure I am overdue a giveaway or two!  have nothing more to report, more of the same here)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Small stuff

DrMr and I love this ad, I laugh every time it's on.

Rubes is sick, DrMr is cranky and I have an earache.  We have been taking it quiet.  Rubes' new love is PAINTING.

So much fun and I love to see what she has made.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's true

via. I know which person I aim to be.

Monday, May 10, 2010


So after 4 years together, DrMr revealed something to me that if I had of known earlier, I am not sure our relationship would have gotten as serious as it has...

He doesn't like thick and hearty soups. The only soups I COOK are thick and hearty soups. He likes... watery soups. This is an ABOMINATION to me*. Can you see the expression of disdain on my face?

Have you encountered any almost deal breakers lately?

(*with the exception of miso, I LOVE miso!)

Favourite non-people blogs

I love vintage ads, as they are mostly hilarious and mildly offensive, but at the moment they are mostly going through a range of revolting looking recipes.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

HEY! Happy Mother's Day to you - hopefully your family are spoiling you in a ridiculously indulgent fashion today! My Rubes has a little bug, so we are taking it quiet, but pancakes in bed are on the cards. YAY!

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Winner! Sammy!

Random declares that YOU, Ms GoodMumHunting are the ideas take flight stationary giveaway winner! Yay! Please leave me a comment (I won't publish) or an email with you address and what stationary set you like most and we will send it to you!

(I am hoping this is the Universe's way of telling you that your luck is going to change!) xo

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I am not smarter than a pre-school grader.

See my kid up there? Angelic-looking little blonde hair, blue eyed thing? She is totally kicking my arse/ass at the moment.

She's rounding up to 18 months so I kind of go, ok maybe she is starting the terrible twos early (tantrums started from 11 months, she likes to get in the bad behaviour early), but our days are spent with her systematically doing one naughty thing after another - she will run from playing with the electrical socket, to pulling rubbish out of the bin to drinking water from Georgie's bowl. All things she is very clear are not good things to do. It's a game that lasts ALL DAY. I understand about testing us, blah blah blah and we do new things every day and I try to have lots of fun and different activities, but LORDY I am TIRED and need you to SIT ON THE FLOOR and look at pictures of DUCKS for 5 minutes while Mummy mainlines TEQUILA.

She has started this new trick, which is ridiculously clever. If she wants to be picked up - she is, but if I am in the middle of something I want her to learn some patience (darling, mummy will just finish washing the dishes and will pick you up as soon as she is finished) what she has started doing is lying on the floor PRETENDING she has fallen over and will kick and flail and say either "uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh" (what we say when something has been dropped) or "ouch ouch ouch ouch" so that someone will pick her up IMMEDIATELY she then sees you come over to her and with a big grin puts her arms up to be picked up. I fell for this about 3 or 4 times before I saw her start the whole show. SHE IS ALREADY SMARTER THAN ME, THAT IS NAUGHTY GENIUS RIGHT THERE.

Lucky she is so cute and sleeps for 13 hours at night and another 2 or so during the day, because otherwise the wolves in the woods would be raising her.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Yes, another giveaway. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

WHO DOESN'T LOVE STATIONERY? Seriously. Everyone I know loves a good trip to Officeworks (except for DrMr, who does not roll with paper goods. Freak). Well we were recently joined on Georgie Love by ideas take flight, who make the CUTEST freaking stationery and stickers, oh big love.

Comment to win - we are going to giveaway a mini notes, sticker and stationery set. So leave me a little note before Friday 7 for your chance to win. YAY!


Congratulations to Pepper Stitches for winning our beautiful Velveteen Jewellery giveaway! Pepper, can you please place an order with Georgie Love for the piece you like most (choose bank deposit as payment, without the actual payment part) and we will get it in the post to you. Yay!