Monday, May 10, 2010


So after 4 years together, DrMr revealed something to me that if I had of known earlier, I am not sure our relationship would have gotten as serious as it has...

He doesn't like thick and hearty soups. The only soups I COOK are thick and hearty soups. He likes... watery soups. This is an ABOMINATION to me*. Can you see the expression of disdain on my face?

Have you encountered any almost deal breakers lately?

(*with the exception of miso, I LOVE miso!)


CurlyPops said...

It's thick and hearty all the way at my house. The only exception for me is long soup or short soup at the chinese restaurant.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i love thick heart soups you feel like you should bite, my brother-in-law is French & makes delicious chunky soups with things like apples & pears in pumpkin soup, so clever!!
Deal breaker, well, my husband doesn't like seafood, i was always too busy enjoying it to notice until a few years into our marriage that he just announced other than prawns, he's not into seafood. OMG, oh well, more for me!! He'll cook me seafood & him a steak, great deal.
My father announced a few years ago that he doesn't like gravy, i guess it had been 45 years of marriage too many when he declared it & my mother ignored it.
Love Posie

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure the dr and i can be friends anymore...the sole reason i own a bamix is for soup - i don't use it for anything else!! poor dr-mr, he doesn't realise what he is missing out on! xx

brusselsprouts said...

I like my soup chunky hubby likes his blended I have explained we arent in the retirement village yet.
Our deal breaker I love hot and spicy food and he hates it, he ate it the whole time we were dating as soon as we got married then he tells me he doesnt like it. I love it when he works nightshift I cook loads of hot food and dont have to hear the whinging!