Monday, May 31, 2010


Ok, so I have been so revoltingly sick, I am now nearly fully deaf in one ear and have much diminished hearing in the other, but I am finally feeling better.  Well I imagine I am still more than a little short tempered, but I am trying.  Yes I am.  I AM OK?  SO shut up.  We have had a flurry of interest in the house since being back on the market, and despite CLEANING being the most HORRIBLE thing to face when you feel sick, it's satisfying and hope-inducing that interest is still good.  Our agent called us this morning and said that we were definitely getting two offers in today (A BIDDING WAR HAS BEEN OUR DREAM) and there is still another inspection this afternoon, so who knows - maybe we will get more than the original and failed offer.  A greedy girl can dream, right?

Meanwhile, parenting is totally kicking me in the face at the moment.  Rubes is just hard to get along with, everything is drama and naughtiness.  For example she will wake up in the morning and call "MUMMY! MUMMY! MUMMY!" until I get up and I go in to her room and as soon as I walk in, she pretends I am not there and has a conversation with her doll Pia instead.  I say to her, "good morning, do you want to get up?" She either ignores me and pretends I am not there or says "No".  So I say ok and go back to bed, but as soon as I make motions to leave the room, hysteria and tears set in, but the same thing happens when I turn around and go back in.  If I try and pick her up, she kicks like a banshee, wails and cries.  So, I say, ok, you play in your cot, Mummy is going to lie on the floor with a pillow and go back to sleep, just let me know when you want to go downstairs for breakfast and she will then stand up in her cot and throw everything from her cot at my head.  I usually get sick of it all, so fish her out of bed with much drama and tears, until the temptation of something downstairs settles the tears.  It goes ON. LIKE. THIS. ALL. DAY.

While we are here, I also wanted to share with you my MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT TIPS for cleaning up milk vomit splatter-sprayed over the carpet:

1. Wool mix is GREAT for cleaning, it cleans really well, is gentle on the carpet and the eucalyptus smell covers the underlying stench of vomit.

2. Did you know that the gag reflex is surpressed when you smile?  I am quite serious.  While you are picking up chunks, GRIN as you do it, because it will remove the need to sympathy chuck.

3. Remember you DO need to wash any chunks from clothing before putting in the washing machine, or else you will be scooping that pulp from the bottom of your machine.

In some good news, it's hard rubbish week in our suburb and I have been on the lookout.  I MISSED out on a male mannequin sitting across the road (I was going to call him Manny), but I am alert and am going to get in to the good stuff early.


Sammy said...

Far out Sal, you must have been REALLY sick!

I can recommend Rhinocort spray to help clear your nasal passages and help you breathe again. Stemetil for nausea caused by any dizziness from the ear problems. After years of being a full blown hypochondriac, I am *almost* a doctor. Hehe

Awesome news about the house though. Fingers crossed for you!

Sounds like Rubes and Abi are reading the same book at the moment, the "terrible 2's toddler" book...

Abi's favourite word is NO... to everything. No day sleep. No eating. It's driving me mad. Hopefully it's just a short lived phase, for both our sakes!


Frog, Goose and Bear said...

I feel your pain. She is one cheeky little girl. I think she would get on very well with my youngest.

Thanks for the tips re cleaning up vomit. I seem to forget the last tip EVERY time and end up with little bits of vomit all through the rest of the load.... and the next load too - despite there seemingly being none left in the machine......

Re. tip number 2 - I think that works with everything! Sometimes you've just "got to laugh or you'd just cry"! (my new mantra)

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh get well soon & what a shame you missed out on Manny across the road, your daughter might have treated him more nicely, or target practise??!! Get well soon, you sound sooo horribly ill, still.
Luckily we have very far & few between vomiting issues with the children, with my weak stomach from collective years of pregnancy & morning sickness . . . i still find it much easier to clean up alone, my husband can not do vomit clean up. He takes over when i put child(ren) in the shower, i do the floors & laundry. Oh, so unpleasant. Hang in there!!
Actually, you might find the wool mix smell makes you heave in time, like me & toilet duck, after all that morning sickness!! Love Posie

gret said...

I feel like I'm reading my life story in your blog sometimes! Like this situation about going in to a child screaming Mama, who then refuses to cooperate. I'm serious. EVERY single word I have lived this week. And speaking of vomit, we've been there too this weekend....Sigh. If it's not one thing it's another, and I guess all we can do is try and ride this lovely period of toddlerhood out, keeping our little royals happy! Get well soon. :)

Virginia said...

Yep, yep, yep. I remember those days well.

I finally came to grips with my own insanity regarding Georgia's (my daughter) behavior when I realized that I would much rather be dealing with my kid behaving like this than not having my kid at all.

At that point, I just sat down on the floor and hugged her (carefully avoiding getting punched, slapped or kicked in any delicate bits, like my nose) and let her go on with her business.

It didn't really make it any easier to deal with physically, but emotionally I was doing much better with it.

My husband, bless him, managed to miss ALL SIX MONTHS of this behavior, as we were living separately during this time period (trying to move from one location to another, Georgia and I went first as his job hadn't ended yet).

Megan said...

Yeah, that picture of that cat surely describes your day. Aw...didn't know about a grin stopping a gag reflex, will try that out sometime. I'm sure your daughter is just being cute in her own little way. Hang in there and get better soon!

Mama Mogantosh said...

The smiling hysterical mother cleaning up the spew is a beautiful picture... Motherhood tests you in every way. Somewhere, I really think its a Mama-daughter thing. Ted is a physical dynamo but has never seemed to mess with my head in the way of his independent, feisty sister. Ivy is fond of saying to me, usually after a midnight wake-up or some other incident where I've been at her beck and call, like a pathetically affectionate indentured servant: 'Mum, I really like Dad the best.'


Electronic hugs.

Milkwood Design said...

Well, at least you've kept your sense of humour : ) Brightened my bleary eyed, tired morning. Taking note of vomit cleaning tips.....thanks!

objectsofwhimsy said...

yes that dreadful cold/flu thing thats been doing the rounds is seriously the worse. Its okay if you can lie dying in a corner and noone bothers you but if you have to work or look after children or god forbid both!! Im not exactly sure how you are supposed to cope. I have only just got over it 3 weeks of hell and mucus and I swear it nearly did me in I cried reluctantly (as it producs more mucus) on more than one occassion totally defeated by it all. ONE good thing you will get better though that blocked ear thing doesnt sound good better go get it checked out dont want to be laid out with an ear infection and miss another manny on the side of the road.

Sam said...

Hi - just came across your blog from onegirl. So can relate to the whole little girl screwing with your head thing. I found distraction worked well - I would suddenly yell in an excited voice, "did you see that duck (dog, unicorn, rainbow, etc, whatever she had an interest in)", and then go in search of duck, dog, unicorn, rainbow, etc. until 2 year old's mood passed. Seemed to work. Just a suggestion. Good vomit tip - will add that to the collection.