Wednesday, June 30, 2010

GiveYAY and thank any god you like that DrMr is home!

Ok, so hi.  DrMr was away for 10 days somewhere far, far away and I was busy being a SOLE parent (big, BIG love to any of you single parents out there, you have my utmost love and respect) and looking for somewhere new for us to live, and succeeded with both, but everything else in my life got terribly neglected.  And lets be honest, there is A LOT in my life that is already neglected, but you know, not to this MAGNITUDE.  I barely slept, ate or spoke to anyone who wasn't birthed to me or stuffed with polyfill.

So we have a house, we will be moving in there sometimes in the next 2 or so weeks.  Have we packed anything?  No, of course not, so shut up with such foolish ideas.  It's about 10 or 15 kms out of the city, instead of 60, so hey SEE YOU AROUND.  And a 5 minute commute from work, so LIFE IS GOOD.  AM EXCITED, but packing seems like a chore so I will leave that to the last minute.

Now I promised a giveaway, not the giveaway I planned, because THAT REQUIRES ORGANISATION, but you know... I am all about making do.

So I was SUPER EXCITED to win this awesome Simple Softies book from the most lovely Cath I know, Ms ChunkyChooky herself and the people at Penguin were awesome enough to send one for ME and one for YOU, so if you are interested in a simply delightful and simple crafty book, then lets get to it, my friend.

I actually really, really like the book because you don't need sewing knowledge (BUT YOU KNOW, I THINK MY NEW HOUSE HAS A CRAFT ROOM, I HAVEN'T HAD SPACE TO BUST THE SEWING MACHINE OUT SINCE THE HOUSE WAS BACK ON THE MARKET) or a machine to make super lovely toys.  It's detailed, got simple patterns and instructions, so is filled with nothing but good stuff.  Awesome!  Want to win it?

OK - so DrMr was far far and away and finally came home last night, which was such a happy occasion.  I am going to post  some photos that he took while away, so have a look and see if you can guess where he was (I am not going to approve any comments until the giveaway is over).  Just have a guess and will choose a winner.  If your guess is RIGHT, then I will add more handmade goodness from Georgie Love and include something extra.  YAY!  Ok here are your clues:

Giveaway closes 5 July 2010!

(ps: if any of this makes no sense, I apologise, I am very, very tired)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Apparently, according to the 19 month old, this is a picture of DrMr and Georgie.  DrMr is the tall object on the left and Georgie is the bulbous creature in the middle, taking all of the space.  Obviously and well observed, Miss Rubes.

(In the spirit of kid's artwork, this is an oldie but a goodie.)

Monday, June 21, 2010


Had a busy few days with coughs and the like.  I am about to blog a giveaway in the next day or so entitled "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DRMR?", cause he is currently away and it is somewhere quirky.  In the meantime apart from the busy getting him ready to go away, we have:

Been braving the cold and spending much time outdoors.

Potty training - and she is getting it!  Actually, she is leading/initiating it - I was planning on getting into it proper (a few stops and starts with the house sales) when we moved into the new house, but she is definitely letting us know when she needs to go, and then, well... Doing it.

I haven't been feeling awesome for a little while, really sluggish and blah, so I am doing one of those extreme detox things, no meat, dairy, sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol type ones (called the INTESTINAL BROOM to give you an idea).  I started just before DrMr went away, so if I exploded from caffeine withdrawal, he could do the parenting while I curled up in a ball and cried.  I am not doing too bad really, lots of roast vegies and feta tossed together for dinner (my TOTAL comfort foods), so hey, yum.

However, I WAS craving something sweet after dinner last night and I totally INVENTED something yum.  I put apricot halves in an oven-proof bowl and on top in the whizzey-whizzer, I made a crumble with almonds, cinnamon, dried apple, dried apricot and oats, baked for about 15-20 minutes and IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I was looking forward all day to eating it again  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME for added deliciousness.

Sole parenting and trying to get any work done, meh.  Here we are wrapping Georgie Love orders together as a baby with a sniffle is a baby who refuses to sleep.  Do you have any fun tips do you have to keep kids occupied and happy when Daddy is away?

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Winner of the superdooper cute foxie brooch is number 1 - Milkwood Design!  (maker of simply beautiful resin jewelery - go check it out, I was contemplating buying a bangle from etsy the other day and was too torn between 4, but I will be decisive and purchase one before too long)  Amelia, please let me know your address and foxie will be on it's way to you!

In a second note, I looked in all the suggested places for the phone and it STILL hasn't turned up.  Tricky little thing!

Friday, June 11, 2010

I am really not a phone person, but...

I succumbed. Oh, I know they are about to release another one, but I called my phone company and asked how long on my contract (who I have been with for about 4 or 5 years), that I wanted to know how much it would be to cancel and they offered me a (3gs 32gig) one REALLY, REALLY cheap and with a free 1 gig a month for 24 months, so how could I refuse???

My current phone is missing and the one I am using doesn't have a back, so the battery falls out if you put it down with any measure of force, so really, anything that doesn't fall apart with your every day wear and tear is only going to be a win, right?  Sure.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I am bad, this fellow has been sitting on my desk for a week or two waiting for a bit of love and a new home.  Pretty cute right?

Foxie here was obviously made by the pretty awesome Betty Jo.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably also know Liz and her blog.  Liz is pretty ace.  DID YOU KNOW though, that she was one of the first crafty folk we had on Georgie Love?  Liz had just started sending her lino pieces into the world and she was selling in Pussycat Cat Black, The Cat's Meow and then Georgie Love.  We were her first foray into the online world and now it's so completely ace to see that she sells all over the world.  She's huge!  And she still stocks with us, Pussycat Black and the Cat's Meow.    My point is, we have had a very happy and loooooong relationship and to celebrate, that super cute foxie-fellow could be yours.  Thanks Liz!

Leave a comment and I will draw a winner on Saturday morning.  It's easy, so get HAPPY.

(BONUS TO SAY:  If you can tell me where in the house I have put my phone, you will win a MASSIVE bonus prize.  Cause it's lost and the battery is flat, but I KNOW it is here as I briefly heard it buzzing yesterday.  Also if you have called me, this is why I haven't responded - haven't had it since Saturday!)