Monday, June 21, 2010


Had a busy few days with coughs and the like.  I am about to blog a giveaway in the next day or so entitled "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DRMR?", cause he is currently away and it is somewhere quirky.  In the meantime apart from the busy getting him ready to go away, we have:

Been braving the cold and spending much time outdoors.

Potty training - and she is getting it!  Actually, she is leading/initiating it - I was planning on getting into it proper (a few stops and starts with the house sales) when we moved into the new house, but she is definitely letting us know when she needs to go, and then, well... Doing it.

I haven't been feeling awesome for a little while, really sluggish and blah, so I am doing one of those extreme detox things, no meat, dairy, sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol type ones (called the INTESTINAL BROOM to give you an idea).  I started just before DrMr went away, so if I exploded from caffeine withdrawal, he could do the parenting while I curled up in a ball and cried.  I am not doing too bad really, lots of roast vegies and feta tossed together for dinner (my TOTAL comfort foods), so hey, yum.

However, I WAS craving something sweet after dinner last night and I totally INVENTED something yum.  I put apricot halves in an oven-proof bowl and on top in the whizzey-whizzer, I made a crumble with almonds, cinnamon, dried apple, dried apricot and oats, baked for about 15-20 minutes and IT WAS DELICIOUS.  I was looking forward all day to eating it again  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME for added deliciousness.

Sole parenting and trying to get any work done, meh.  Here we are wrapping Georgie Love orders together as a baby with a sniffle is a baby who refuses to sleep.  Do you have any fun tips do you have to keep kids occupied and happy when Daddy is away?


Erin said...

your hair is adorable, and i miss your WHOLE face terribly, and those pictures of rubes--especially with her little jeans, and the one with drmr--they kill me. KILL. you make life look beautiful no matter what.

i wanna do this broom detox with you!! :) looking up now.

why don't you just have rubes alone wrap the orders? they'll come out like your "georgie-wrapped" packages ! clever. xo

Milkwood Design said...

Banana Icecream - Peel, chop, then freeze banana. Then whizz. TOO EASY!!! Better than a Barney Banana.. soft and creamy. Maybe not the right weather, but on top of baked apricots? Yummo.

Popcorn? Sprinkle a little chilli powder on it for taste...

Can you have cocoa powder? I'm gonna try this choc pudding this week: Avocado, cocoa, dates, vanilla.

That's about the extent of my knowledge. Good luck : )

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

Hmmm i just had a weekend alone as chef was away... I got a few sticker books- Busy loves them and also planned a few visits with friends, not anythign to exciting though to add, but it is hard and stressfull and i am glad he was only gone a couple of days.

PottyMouthMama said...

Heck I am quaking in my boots when Matt is late home, so a few days, weeks away would be torture.. But then again, it would mean I could cheat on dinner... Hmmmm.

I really, really love these pics of DrMr and Rubes. x