Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just 10 minutes more.

It's Saturday afternoon and fortuitously, everyone but me is napping.  I am drinking tea, scoffing what feels like most of a packet of milk arrowroots and sucking up these few moments without a snotty and teething cranky child hanging off me, like a DROWNING MAN GASPING FOR AIR.  10 minutes for a cup of tea on my own is my saving grace sometimes.

This has pretty much been her expression all day.

I am actually researching recipes that require a million lemons, as I picked all these off the small tree earlier.

And I still have all these to go on the big tree  Ahh.

I think while the second tree is DEFINITELY lemons, the tree I picked seems like a hybrid as they a lemon shape, but with an oranger hue, are slightly sweeter than lemons, SUPER JUICY, but still a magnificent tartness.  I really do not know, as I am not Lady-Doctor-Citrus.  Much to your surprise.

Not sure what to start doing with them, I used three along with water, sugar and vanilla to poach some pears in the slow cooker.  The syrup is SO delicious that I keep creeping over with a spoon to slurp it up.

Other than that, I got an ok haircut at the Biba close to our new home (except the guy cutting my hair WOULD NOT SHUT UP and asked me what I was doing on the weekend THREE times, which I answered the same every time - not much as we have a toddler, which makes me feel like a LOSER, but my weekend is rad to me),  coloured my hair (home job, my hair is so short it makes no difference between using a $12 box job and $100 by a professional).  The ace DrMr has been giving me a break from the cranky lady:

His endless patience for tea parties.

Sharing his lunch while trying to find Nemo.

(DrMr was woken from his nap (he still has a cold) by Ruby throwing a dummy on his face, which bounced off his head and rolled under the bed.  While crawling under the bed get it, he was whipped on his exposed back by her with a wet face cloth used to wipe her face after lunch, as he flinched away from it, his back hit the oil heater and burnt him.  Terrible, but I laughed a lot when he told me that story)

Friday, July 30, 2010


Ok, so we have completely moved in... finally!  What awesome fun with a teething child with a cold, who then passes that cold on to the rest of us.  Hooray!  We got the keys a few week earlier than when we planned to move the big stuff, so it only took us a few days to settle in.  They have been a few quite tumultuous and strange days, but we are in and happy.  Ruby is ecstatic with the new house and wakes every morning with a (literally) big "YAY! Hi House!", and DrMr and I are happy that her 5:15am starts have seemed to have settled down.  UGH.

Things we like:

New beds and bedding.  After sleeping on a shitty bed for several years, we finally caved and bought a new bed suite and fancy mattress and I could cry every night when I go to bed for the joy of it.  AHHHHHH.  SO COMFY.

A house with a bath FINALLY.  We only had a baby bath still for Rubes in the old house, so she is well pleased.  Actually every day is almost like Christmas (for the joy and anticipation) for her as I don't think I have ever told you HOW obsessed she is with baths.  She is also obsessed with using her full name all day long - "that's Ruby Rock's bath... Ruby Rock needs a drink"... etc.  Cute and crazy all at once.

Both DrMr and I (for the first time) have separate working spaces that reflect our personal working styles and tastes....


I bought a new mac laptop and a new camera recently, very happy.  I am anticipating better quality photos for GL.  If not, then I have obviously got to find something else to blame, because as it stands like with most things, I am a MAGNIFICENT photographer.

Actually my main aim for the next few weeks is to actually read the manual and figure out how to use it. Pictures are much nicer, that I can tell.

Other than that, we have been mostly painting (Wuby Wock is obsessed), riding our bikes in the big park across the road and just hanging out and settling in.  Life is good.   Oh, so I also decided not to take the new job I was offered, I was feeling a whole heap of anxiety about it and it was a lot of change for all of us with not much reward.  Feel really good about the decision.

Right now, it's nap time ... for Rubes AND me.  Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

did you get it?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Georgie Love newsies

Ok, here is some big Georgie Love news... Georgie Love is now no longer  just Sal and Georgie, we've taken on board one of our very good friends -  BEC, so Georgie Love is now us three.  I met Bec because she used to be (and still is) one of Georgie Love's first and best customers and a very good friendship developed through it and she is now one of my besties.  More importantly, Bec is as passionate about supporting and promoting handmade as much as I am, so it's a perfect fit.  She's very invested in the site and seeing it grow and evolve, so we are very excited.

Having someone else to work with and bounce ideas around with is FABULOUS as I am usually so busy trying to do everything, that I haven't had the energy (or time) to invest in growing the site as I have wanted and to make it in to everything that it could be.

As such, we have a new postal address to take place immediately (but don't stress, a mail redirection from the old one is in place in case you forget in the short term) and so can you now please address everything Georgie related to:

Georgie Love
PO Box 18349
Collins Street East, VIC 8003

(note: please mark everything as do not bend!)

We've also applied for a big table at the Finders Keepers in August, so fingers crossed that comes off (GL's first ever market). Yay!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is sad little post 501

Deep in the midst of moving house.  Am very cold and very busy.  Be back soon with a NEW attitude and NEW NEWS.  Hooray!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Everyone is a winner, baby

Ok, so DrMr just got back from RUSSIA, which with a statue of Lenin and all those babushka dolls, I felt was probably too obvious as I think everyone got it.  However, RANDOM.ORG declares the superace POTTYMOUTHMAMA as the winner, so word woman.  Send me your address finally.  

So much news which I started typing, but I will tell you that soon.  I got offered a new job today, which is fairly ace.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Should you watch this? Yes you should.